[1] HÁGTH HÉDE SIN WISA TOGHATER MIN.ERVA. TO NÔMTH NY.HEL.LÉNJA ÉMONG THA MÀNNISKA TO SENDANE INOVERA SÉ MITH.EN ULK. VMBE THA MÀNNISKA GODE.RÉD TO JÉVANE. ÀND THAT ALLERMANNALIK [5] THÉR HJA HÉRA WILDE RIK ÀND LUKICH SKOLDE WERTHA. ÀND ÉNIS BÁS SKOLDE WERTHA OVIR ALLE KÉNINGK.RIK JRTHA.S to send his wise daughter Minerva, nicknamed Nyhellenia, among the people, on a cloud from the sea, to give them good counsel. And that all who would hear her should become rich and happy, and eventually should rule the whole kingdom of the earth.
HJRA BYLDNESE STÀLDON HJA VPPA HJARA ÀLTÀRUM JEFTHA HJA VRSEL­LADE.T ANDA DVMA [10] MÀNNISKA. HJA KÉTHON ALLERWÉIKES RÉDJÉVINGA. THÉR HJU NIMMER JÉVEN HÉDE. ÀND TÀLADON WONDERA. THÉR HJU NA DÉN HÉDE. They erected statues of her on their altars, or sold them to the simple people. They announced counsels everywhere that she had never given, and related miracles that she had never performed.
THRVCH LESTA WISTON HJA.RA SELVA MASTER TO MÁKJANDE FON VSA ÉWA ÀND SETMA ÀND [15] THRVCH WANKÉTHINGA WISTON HJA ALLE TO WISA ÀND TO VRBRUDA. They cunningly made themselves masters of our laws and customs, and they managed to explain and distort them all through misinterpretations.
HJA STÀLDON ÁK FÁMNA VNDER HJARA HODE. THA SKINBÉR VNDERE HODA FON FÀSTA VSA FORMA ÉRE.MODER. VMBE OVER THÀT FRÁNA LJUCHT TO WÁKANE. They also placed maidens under their care (pretending these were under the care of Festa, our first honorable mother) to watch over the divine light.
MEN THAT [20] LJUCHT HÉDE HJA SELVA VPSTOKEN. ÀND INSTÉDE FON THA FÁMKES WIS TO MÁKJANDE. ÀND AFTERNÉI ÉMONG THÀT FOLK TO SENDA. THA SJAKA TO LÉVANDE. ÀND THA BÀRN TO LÉRANDE. MAKADON HJA.RA DVM ÀND DIMME BI.T LJUCHT ÀND NE [25] MACHTON HJA NÁ BUTA NE KVMA. However, they had lit that light themselves, and instead of properly educating these maidens before sending them among the people, to nurse the sick and teach the children, they kept them ignorant and dimmed their light, and did not allow them to come outside.
ÁK WRDON HJA TO RÉDJÉVSTARE BRUKATH. THACH THI.RÉD WAS BY SKIN UT HJARA MVLUN. HWAND HJARA MVLA WÉRON NAVT OWERS AS THA HROPAR. HWÉRTHRVCH THA PRESTERA HJARA [30] GÉRTA UTKÉTHON. They were also used as counselors, but that counsel only appeared to come from their own lips, as in reality their lips were nothing but the mouthpiece through which the priests promulgated their own desires.
THÁ NY.HELLÉNJA FALLEN WAS WILDON WI EN ORE MODER KJASA. SVME WILDON NÉI TEX.LÁND When Nyhellenia died, we wanted to choose another mother. Some wanted to go to Texland,

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