[1] VSAR BURCH IS SEND ALLE ÔTHERA. THACH VS.IS IS THJU GRÁTESTE. MEN THI FON TEXLAND IS THA ALDERGRÁTESTE. THJU TORE FON FRYA.S BURCH IS ALSA HÁCH [5] THÀT HJU THA WOLKA TORENT. NÉI THÉRE TORE IS AL ET OTHERA. All the burgs are of the same shape, ours being the largest outside Texland, which is the largest of all. The tower of Fryasburg on Texland reaches the clouds and the rest of the burg is in proportion to it.
BY VS VPPER BURCH IS.T ALSA DÉLAD. SJVGUN JONGE FÁMNA WÁKATH BI THÉRE FODDIK. AIDER WÁK THRJA STUNDA. IN [10] THA ÔRE TID MOTON HJA HUSWÀRK DVA. LÉRA ÀND SLÉPA. SEND HJA SJVGUN JÉR WÁKANDA WÉSEN. ALSA SEND HJA FRY. THÁN MÜGON HJA ÉMONG THA MÀNNISKA GÁ VP RA SÉD TO [15] LETANE ÀND RÉD TO JÉVANE. IS HWA THRJU JÉR FÁM WÉST SÁ MÉI HJU ALTOMET MITH THA ALDA FÁMNA MITH GÁ. THI SKRÍWER MOT THA FÁMKES LÉRA. LÉSA. SKRÍVA ÀND RÉKENJA. [20] THA GRÍSA JEFTHA GRÉVA MOTON LÉRA HJAM. RJUCHT ÀND PLICHT. SÉDKUNDA KRÛDKUNDA HÉLKUNDA. SKÉDNESA TELLINGA ÀND SANGA BIJUNKA ALLERLÉJA THINGA THÉR HJAM NÉDLIK SEND [25] VMBE RÉD TO JÉVANE. THJU BURCHFÁM MOT LÉRA HJAM HO HJA THÉRMITH TO WÀRK GÁ MOTA BI THÀ MÀNNISKA. Tasks at our burg are divided so that seven young maidens attend the lamp in three-hour shifts. In the remaining time they do housework, study and sleep. After seven years of watching, they are free. Then they can go among the people to uphold morals and give advice. After having been a maiden for three years, they can sometimes join the older maidens. The scribe must teach the maiden apprentices to read, write and calculate. The veterans must teach them justice and duty, knowledge of seeds, herbs and healing, histories, tales, songs and anything else they may need for giving advice. The burg maiden teaches them how to apply all this when advising people.

[13e2. Apollania’s Journey]
ÉR EN BURCH.FÁM HJRA STÉD INNIMT MOT HJU THRVCH THET LÁND FÁRA. EN [30] FVL JÉR. THRÉ GRÉVA BURCH.HÉRA ÀND THRJA ALDA FÁMNA GAN MITH HJRI MITHA. ALSA IST AK MY GUNGON. Before a burg maiden can be installed, she has to travel through the land for a whole year, accompanied by three veteran masters and maidens. I did so too.

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