[1] LÉID VS HELD. WILST NW THÀT THA BOPPA LÁNDER DÉL HÀVE AN VSA RIKDOM ÀND WISDOM. SÁ SKIL IK THI EN RÉD JÉVA. LÉT ET THA MAN'GÉRTNE TO WÉNHÉD WRDE [5] HJARA FRÉJAR TO FRÉJANDE. ÉR HJA JÀ SEZA. HWÉR HÀST AL IN WR.ALDA OMME FÁREN. HWAD KÀNST THIN BERN TELLA WRA FÉRA LANDA ÀND WRA FÉR.HÉMANDA FOLKA. DVATH HJA ALSA. [10] SÁ SKILUN THA WICHANDLIKA KNÁPA TO VS KVMA. HJA SKILUN WISER WÀRTHA ÀND RIKKAR. ÀND WI NE SKILUN NÉN BIHOF LONGER NAVT NÀVE AN THÀT WLA THJUD. lies our prosperity. If you want the highlanders to take part in our wealth and wisdom, I will give you some advice. Make it custom for the girls to ask their lovers, before they say yes: “What have you seen from the world? What can you tell your children about foreign lands and distant peoples?” This way, the most heroic young men will come to us. They will become wiser and richer, and we will no longer need those useless types.’
THÁ JONGSTE THÉR FÁMNA FON THÉRA. [15] THÉR BY MI WÉRON. KÉM UTA SAXSANA.MARKA WÉI. AS WI NW TO HONGK KÉMON. HETH HJU ORLOVI FRÉJAD VMBE NÉI HJRA HUS TO GÁNE. ÀFTERNÉI IS HJU THÉR BURCHFÁM WRDEN. ÀND DÁNA [20] IST KVMEN THÀTER HJUDÉGA SÁ FELO SAXMÀNNA BY THA STJURAR FÁRE. The youngest one of the maidens that were with me, was from the Saxonmarks. When we came back, she asked leave to go home. Later, she became burg maiden there and as a result we now have many Saxmen among the steersmen.

[14. Added by Frethorik]
[14a. Fryasland Swamped, ca. 305 BCE?]
MIN NÔM IS FRÉTHO.RIK. TONOMATH OERA.LINDA. THÀT WIL SEZA OVIR THA [25] LINDA. TO LJUD.WARDJA BIN IK TO ASGA KÉREN. LJUD.WARDJA IS EN NY THORP. BINNA THENE HRING.DIK FON THÉR BURCH LJUD.GARDA. HWÉR FON THA NÔMA AN VNÉR KVMEN IS. VNDER MINA [30] TIDA IS FÜL BÉRED. FÜL HÉDIK THÉRVR SKRÉVEN. MEN ÀFTERNÉI SEND MI ÁK FÉLO THINGA MELD. FON ÉN ÀND My name is Frethorik, surnamed Oera Linda, which means ‘over the Linde’.(1) I was elected law speaker of Liudwardia, a new settlement within the ring dyke of the burg Liudgarda, which has lost its reputation. During my times, many things happened. I kept an extensive record of them, and much was also told to me later. Of one and

(1) ‘Frethorik’ (FRÉTHO.RIK) — compare Frederick; Linde or Lende is still a small river in Friesland, possibly of more aignificance earlier.

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