[Part I. The Book of Adela Followers]
[1. Introduction]
[1a. Council in Confusion, ca. 560 BCE]
[1] THET BOK THÉRA Á.DEL.A.FOLSTAR. The Book of Adela Followers
THRITTICH JÉR ÀFTERE DÉI THÀT THJU FOLKS MODER VMBROCHT WAS THRVCH THÉNE VRESTE MÁGÍ STAND.ET.ER.ÀRG VM TO. ALLE [5] STÁTA THÉR.­ER LIDSA ANDA ÔRE SÍDE THÉRE WRSARA WÉRON FON VS OFKÉRTH ÀND VNDER.ET WELD THES MÁGÍ KÉMEN ÀND.ET STAND TO FRÉSANE THÀT.­ER WELDICH SKOLDE WERTHA VR.ET ÉLLE LÁND. Thirty years after the day that the folk mother was killed by the supreme magus, things were dismal. All states on the other side of the Weser had turned away from us and had come under the power of the magus, who threatened to take control of all our land.
VMBE THÀT VNLUK [10] TO WÉRANE HÉDE MÀN ÉNE MÉNA ÁCHT BILIDSEN HWÉR GÁDVRATH WÉRON ÁLLERA.MÀNNELIK THÉR ANN.EN GODE HROP STANDE BY THA FÁMNA.THA NÉI THÀT.ER MAR VRLÁPEN WÉRON AS THRJV ETMELDA WAS ALL GO.RÉD [15] ANDA TÍS ÀND AL.ÉN SA BY HJARA KVMSTE. To avoid that evil, a meeting was arranged where all those who were held in good repute by the maidens were gathered. However, after more than three days and nights the whole council was in a state of confusion and had made no progress.
[1b. Adela’s Advice]
THA TO THA LESTA FRÉGE ÁDELA THÀT WIRD. ÀNDE KÉTH. At last Adela stood up and spoke:
J ALLE WÉT.ET THÀT IK THRJV JÉR BURCH.FÁM WÉSEN SÍ. ÁK WÉT J THÀT IK KÉREN SÍ TO MODER ÀND ÁK. THÀT IK NÉN MODER [20] NÉSA NAVT NILDE THRVCH­DAM IK ÁPOL TO MIN ÉN'GÁ JÉRDE. ‘As you all know, I have been a burg maiden for three years. You also know that I was chosen to become folk mother,(1) and that I had not wanted that, as I would have preferred to marry Apol.
THACH HWAT J NAVT NÉTE THÀT IS THÀT IK ALLE BÉRTNISA NÉIGVNGEN HÀW. ÉVIN AS IK EN WRENTLIKE FOLK.S MODER WÉSEN WÉRE. IK HÀV AL.AN [25] FON ÀND WITHER FÁREN TO SJANDE HWÀT.ER BÉRDE. THÉR THRVCH SEND MY FÉLO SÉKA BÁR WRDEN THÉR ÔRA NAVT NÉTE. But what you do not know is that I have studied all that has happened, just as a true folk mother ought to do. I have traveled around much, observing the events. This way many things became clear to me that others do not know.
J HÀW.ETH JESTER SÉITH. THÀT VSA SIBBA AN THA ÔRA SÍD THÉRE WRSARA NJVT ÀND [30] LÀF WÉRE. THA IK MÉI SEDSA TO JV. THÀT.ER MÁGÍ SE NÉN ÍNE GÁ OF WNNEN HETH THRVCH THÀT WELD SINRA WÉPNE. You said yesterday that our siblings on the other side of the Weser had been weak and cowardly. Nonetheless, I can tell you that the magus did not conquer a single district by force of arms,

(1) ‘folk mother’ (MODER) — this translation is used whenever confusion with a normal mother would otherwise be possible.

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