[1] THÁ NAM.ER THA SKÉNSTA SYNAR FINNA ÀND MAGÍARA. VRLOVANDE.­RA KY MITH GOLDEN HORNA SA HJA.RA THRVCH VS FOLK FATA DÉDON. ÀFTERDAM. SINA LÉR VTBRÉDA. he selected the best looking of his Finns and Magyars and promised them mountains of gold if they could find acceptance among our people and then spread his doctrine.(2)
MEN SIN LJVDA DÉDON [5] MAR. BERN WRDON TO SOK MAKAD. NÉI VPSA­LÁNDUM WÉIBROCHT. ÀND SÁHWERSA HJA VPBROCHT WÉRON AN SINA WLE LÉR. THÀN WRDON HJA TOBEK SENDON. But his people went further: children were kidnapped and taken to the Upsalands, and when they had been perverted by his ways, they were sent back.
THÁ THA SKIN.SLÁVONA VSA TÁL MÀCHTICH WÉRON THÁ KLIVADON HJA THA HÉRTOGA [10] ÀND ÉTHELINGA AN BORD ÀND KÉTHON HJA MOSTON THENE MÁGÍ HÉROCH WERTHA SA KVNDON HJARA SVNUM VPFOLGJA THAM ÒNI THRVCH.ETH FOLK KÉRON TO WRDANE. THÉRA THÉR VMBE GODA DÉDUM EN FAR.DÉL TO RA HUS KRYEN HÉDE VRLOVADON HJA FON SINANT [15] WÉGUM JETA.N ÀFTER.DÉL BY. HOKA THAM EN FAR ÀND ÀFTER.DÉL KRYEN HÉDE SÉIDON HJA EN ROND.­DÉL TO ÀND THAM EN ROND.DÉL HÉDE EN ÉLLE STÁT. WÉRON THA ÉTHLA TO HÀRDE FRYA.S THA WENDON HJA THA STÉWEN ÀND HILDON VPPAR [20] VRBASTERA SVNUM AN. When these apparent slaves had learned our language, they convinced the military leaders and nobles to submit to the magus, so their sons could succeed them without election by the folk. Those who had gained a front yard for their house for their good deeds were promised a back yard on behalf of the magus. Whoever had earned a front and back yard already was promised a surrounding yard, and who had a surrounding yard, a whole estate. If the nobles were still loyal Fryas, the slave people changed course and aimed at the more degenerate sons.
JESTERDÉI WÉRON.ER MONG JO THAM ALLET FOLK TO HÁPA WOPA WILDE VMB THA ÁSTLIKA STÁTA WITHER TO HJARA PLYGA TO TVANGANDE. THACH NÉI MIN ÍNFALDA MÍNING SKOLDE THÀT FALIKANT UTKVMA. THÀNK ÍNES. [25] THÉR WAS HÍR WÉSEN EN HÀRDE LVNG.SÍAKTE AMONG.ETH FJA ÀND THÀT.­ER THÉR JETA ÀRG WDE. SKOLDE J.ETH THÀN WEL WÁGJA VMBE JVW HÉLENA FJA TO FARANDE AMONG HJARA SÍAKA FJA. ÀMMER NÀ. SÁHWERSA ALLRA.­MANNELIK [30] NW BIÁMA ÀND BIJECHTA MOT THÀT.ETH THÉRMITHA STAPEL ÀRG OFKVMA SKOLDE HWA SKOLDE THÀN ALSA DRÍST Yesterday, some of you suggested that we mobilize to force the eastern states back to the old customs, but in my humble opinion, that would fail miserably. Imagine if our cattle had been plagued by a serious lung disease, which was still raging badly there. Would you then risk mixing your healthy animals with their sick ones? Surely not! As we all must agree and confirm that this would turn into a disaster, who then would be so reckless

(2) ‘mountains of gold’ — lit.: ‘cows with golden horns’ (expression).

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