[B. Liko Ovira Linda, 803 CE]
[1] LJAWA ERVNÔMA. Dear heirs,
VMB VSA LJAWA ÉTHLA.S WILLE ÀND VMB VSA LJAWA FRYDOM.S WILLE, THVSAND WÁRA SÁ BIDD.IK TO JO. OCH LJAWE NE LÉT THA ÁGON ÉNIS PÁPE.­KAPPE [5] TACH NIMMERTHE OVER THISSA SKRIFTA NE WÉJA. For our beloved ancestors' sake, and for the sake of our precious freedom, a thousand times I beg you — dearest — to never let the eyes of a monk go over these writings.
HJA SPRÉKATH SWÉTA WIRDA, MEN HJA TORNATH VNMÀRKSÉM AN ALLES HWAT FON VS FRYAS TREFTH. VMBE RIKA PREBENDNE TO WINNANDE SÁ HÉLATH [10] HJA MITH THA POPPA KENINGGAR. They speak sweet words, but unnoticed they meddle with all that concerns us Fryas. They collaborate with foreign kings, who pay them well.
THISSA WÉTATH THAT WI HJARA GRÁTESTE FJANDA SEND. THRVCHDA WI HJARA LJUDA TO SPRÉKE THVRA, VR FRYDOM RJUCHT ÀND FORSTNE PLJCHT. THÉRVMBE LÉTATH HJA ALLES [15] VRDILIGJA. HWAT FON VSA ÉTHLUM KVMTH ÀND HWAT THÉR JETA REST FON VSA ALDA SÉDUM. These know that we are their greatest enemies, because we dare speak about freedom, justice and royal obligations. Therefore, they want to obliterate all traces of our ancestral heritage and what is left of our morals.
OCH LJAWA IK HÀV BI THAM ET HOVE WÉST. WIL WR.ALDA .T THJELDA ÀND WILLATH WI VS NAVT STERIK NE [20] MÁKJA, HJA SKILUN VS ALGÁDUR VRDILIGJA. My dear ones! I have visited their palace. If Wralda allows it, and if we do not strengthen ourselves, they will exterminate us all.
SKRÉVEN TO LJUD.WERD, ACHT.HONDRED ÀND THRJU JÈR, NÉI KERSTEN BIGRIP. Written in Liudwerd, year eight hundred and three in Christian understanding.
[25] LIKO TONÔMATH OVIRA.LINDA. Liko, surnamed Ovira Linda.

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