[1] JO BÉDEN HETH. THA LYDANDE SKOLDE JO FLOKA MIN FÁMNA SKOLDUN JVWA NÁMA UFFÁGA UT.ÀT BOK ÀND IK SKOLDE JO LIK VNBIKÀNNADE OFWISA MOTA. you have been asked. The suffering would curse you, my maidens would erase your name from the book and I would have to reject you like a stranger.
[5] 4. NIM NÀMMAR KNI.BUWGJANDE TÁNK FON.JV NÉSTON ÁN. THJUS ÁGATH WRALDA.S GÁST. NID SKOLDE J BIKRJUPA. WISDOM SKOLDE J BILÀKA ÀND MIN FAMNA SKOLDON JO BITÍZA FON FÀDER.RÁV. [10] 4. Never accept obeisance from your kinsmen,(2) for it is due to Wralda's spirit. Envy would follow you, wisdom would ridicule you and my maidens would accuse you of father-theft.
5. FJUWER THINGA SEND TO JVWE NOT JÉVEN.MITH NÁMA. LÒFT. WÉTER. LÁND ÀND FJUR. MEN WR.ALDA WIL THÉR ALLÉNA BÍSITTAR OF WÉSA. THÉRVMBE RÉD IK JO. J SKILUN JO RJUCHTFÉRDIGA [15] MANNA KÍASA. THAM THJU ARBÉD ÀND THA FRÜZDA NÉI RJUCHTA DÉLA. SÁ THAT NÀMMAN FRY FON WÀRKA NI FON WÉRA SY. 5. Four things were given you to use, namely air, water, land and fire, but Wralda owns them all. Therefore, I advise you to choose righteous men who fairly divide labor and its fruits, so that no man is free from work or defense.
6. SÁHWERSA THÉR ÀMMAN AMONG JO FVNDEN WÀRTH [20] THÉR SIN ÀJN FRYDOM VRSELLATH. THAM N.IS NAVT FON JVW FOLK. HI IS EN HORNING MITH BASTERD BLOD. IK RÉDE JO THAT J HIM ÀND SIN MÀM TO THÀT LÁND UT.­DRIVA SÉZ THAT TO JVWA BÀRN. THES MORNES THES MIDDÉIS ÀND THES ÉWENDES TILTHJU HJA THÉROF DRÁME [25] THES NACHTIS. 6. If anyone is found among you who sells his own freedom, he is not of your folk. He is a product of adultery and has bastard blood. I advise you to expel him and his mother. Teach your children this at morning, midday and evening, so they will dream of it at night.
7. ALLERA MÀNNALIK THÉR EN OTHER FON SINE FRYDOM BIRÁW AL WÉRE THENE ÔRE HIM SKELDECH MOT IK ANDA BÀRN.TAM ÉNER SLÁFINE FÁRA LÉTA. THACH [30] IK RÉDE JO VMBE SIN LIK ÀND THAT SINERA MÀM VPP.ÉNE KÀLE STÉD TO VRBARNANDE. AFTERNÉI 7. Anyone who robs another of his freedom, even if the other were in debt to him, must be paraded with collar and leash like a slave girl. And, I advise you to burn his corpse and that of his mother at a barren site. Thereafter,

(2) ‘obeisance’ (excessively servile gratitude) — lit.: ‘knee-bending thanks’.

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