[1] HJARA ASKE FIFTICH FÍT ANDA GRVND TO DÀLVANE TILTHJU THÉR NÉNEN GÀRS.HÀLM VP WAXA NI MÉI. HWAND ALDULKERA GÀRS SKOLDE JVW DJAROSTA KVIK DÉJA. bury their ashes fifty feet deep, so not a single blade of grass would grow into them, for such grass would kill your most precious cattle.
[5] 8. NE GRIP NA THÀT FOLK FON LYDA NER FON FINDA AN. WR.ALDA SKOLDE HELPA HJAM. SA THAT.ÀT WELD THAT FON JO UT.GONG VPPA JVWA ÀJNA HÁVEDA SKOLDE WITHER KVMA. 8. Do not attack either the folk of Lyda or of Finda. Wralda would help them, so that your violence would return upon your own heads.
[10] 9. SÁHWERSA THÀT MACHTE BÉRA THAT HJA FON JUWE RÉD JEFTA AWET OWERS WILDE ALSA AGHAT J TO HELPANE HJAM. MEN KVMATH HJA TO RÁWANDE FAL THAN VPPA THAM NITHER LIK [15] BLIXENANDE FJVR. 9. If it were to happen that they sought your counsel, or anything else, you ought to help them, but if they come to steal, fall upon them like the fire of lightning.
10. SÁHWERSA ANNEN FON HJAM ÉNER JVWER TOGHATERUM TO WIF GÉRTH ÀND HJU THAT WIL. THÀN SKILUN J HJA HJRA DVMHÉD BITJVTHA THACH WIL HJU [20] TOCH HJRA FRÉJAR FOLGJA THAT HJA THAN MITH FRÉTHO GÁ. 10. If one of them desires to marry one of your daughters and she wants that too, you shall explain her stupidity to her. But if she insists on following her suitor, they then may go in peace.
11. WILLATH JVW SVNA FON HJARA TOGHATERUM SÁ MOT J ALSA DVA AS MITH JVWA TOGHATERUM. [25] THACH HOR THA ÉNA NOR THA ÔTHERA MÉI WITHER KVMA. HWAND HJA SKOLDUN UTHÉMEDA SÉDA ÀND PLÉGA MITH.­FARA. ÀND DRÉI THESSA BY JO HELDGAD WRDE MÉI IK NAVT LONGER OVIR JO WÁKA. 11. If your sons want any of their daughters, you must do the same as with your daughters. But neither the one, nor the other may ever return, for they would bring back foreign morals and habits, and if you accept these as your own, I can no longer watch over you.
[30] 12. VPPA MINRE FÁM FÀSTA HÀV IK MIN HÁP FÀSTEGTH. THÉRVMBE MOST J HJA TO JO 12. Upon my maiden Festa, I have fastened my hope. Therefore, you must make her your

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