[1] NAVT NI WOKERJA. KVMATH THÉR SVM. SA IS.T THÉRA FAMNA PLICHT HJAM KÀNBÉR TO MAKJANA INVR THÀT ÉLLE LÁND. TILTHJU HJA NIMMERTHE KÉREN NAVT WRDE TO EN'G AMPT [5] HWAND SOKA HÀVATH EN GÍRA.LIK HIRTE. VMBE SKÀT TO GARJA SKOLDE HJA ELLA VRRÉDA THÀT FOLK. THJU MODER. HJARA SIBBEN ÀND TO THA LESTA HJARA SELVA. to commit usury. If any who do should come, the maidens are obliged to make them known throughout the whole land, so that they will never be chosen for any office, for such folk have vulture-like hearts. To accumulate wealth, they would betray all; the folk, the mother, their relatives, and ultimately themselves.
12. [10] IS THÉR ÀNMAN ALSA ÀRG THAT.ER SJVCHT.SIAK FJA JEFTHA VRDÉREN WÉR VRSELLATH VR HÉL GOD. SA MOT THENE MÀRK.­RJUCHTAR HIM WÉRA ÀND THA FÁMNA HIM NOMA INVR.ET ÉLLE LÁND. 12. If any man is so bad that he sells diseased cattle or damaged goods as sound, the market judge shall expel him and the maidens shall denounce him throughout the land.

[3c1. Laws for the Army and War]
[15] IN ÉRA TÍDA HÉMADON FINDA.S FOLK MÉST ALGADUR INVR HJARA MODER.S BÀRTA.LÁND. MIT NÔMA ALD.LAND THAT NW VNDER.NE SÉ LÉITH. HJA WÉRON THUS FÉR.OF. THÉRVMBE NÉDON WI ÁK NÉN ORLOCH. THÁ HJA VRDRÉVEN [20] SEND ÀND HÉINDA KÉMON TO RÁWANE. THÁ KÉM.ER FON SELVA LÁND.WÉR HÉR.MANNA KÉNINGGAR ÀND ORLOCH. VR ALTHAM KÉMON SETMA ÀND UT.A SETMA KÉMON ÉWA. HÍR FOLGATH THA ÉWA THÉR THÉR.UT TAVLIKT SEND. In early times, Finda's folk lived mostly together in their mother's native land — namely Aldland, which lays under sea level now. Because they were far away, we had no wars. However, when they got dislodged and came closer to steal, it naturally resulted in home guard, army leaders, kings and wars. Regulations were established for these things, and the regulations led to laws. Here follow the laws that were thus established:
[25] 1. EK FRYA.S MOT.A LÉTHA JEFTHA FÍANDA WÉRA. MITH ALDULKERA WÀPNE AS.ER FOR SINNA BIKVMA ÀND HÁNDTÉRA MÉI. 1. Every Frya must ward off enemies or fiends with such weapons as he can invent, procure and use.
2. [30] IS EN BOJ TWILIF JÉR. SA MOT.I THA SJVGUNDE DÉI MISTE FON SIN LÉR.TID VMBE RÉD TO WERTHANDE MITH.A WÀPNE. 2. When a boy is twelve years old, he must devote one day in seven to learning how to use weapons.

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