12. [1] SIN JONGSTE SVN MÉI THAT GOD ERVA. ÀFTER THAM THAMIS JONGSTE THÀN SKIL MÀN THAT WITHER NIMMA. 12. His youngest son may inherit this estate, and that son's youngest after him; then the nation shall take it back.

[3c3. Security and War Aftermath]
HIR SEND THA RIUCHTA ALLER FRYAS VMBE SÉKUR [5] TO WÉSANDE. Here are the rights of all Fryas regarding their security:
1. SAHWERSA THÉR ÉWA VRWROCHT WRDE. JEFTHA NÉJA SETMA TAVLIKT. ALSA MOT.ET TO MÉNA NITHA SKÉN. MEN NÀMMER TO [10] BÁTA FON ENKEL­DERA MÀNNISKA. HER FON ENKELDERA SLACHTA NER FON ENKELDERA STATA NACH FON AWET THAT ENKEL SY. 1. When laws are passed, or new regulations are established, this must be for the common good and never for the benefit of individuals, nor for that of single families, single states, or anything else which is single.
2. [15] SAHWERSA ORLOCH KVMTH ÀND THÉR WRDE HUSA HOMLJAT JEFTHA SKÉPA HOK THAT ET SY SY.ET THRVCH THENE FYAND THA BY MÉNA RÉDUM. SA ACH THA MÉNA MÉNTA THÀT IS AL.ET FOLK TO SÉMNE THAT WITHER TO [20] HÉLÉNA. THÉR VMBE THAT NÀMMAN THA MÉNA SÉKA SKIL HELPA VRLJASA VMBE SIN ÀJN GOD TO BIHALDANE. 2. When war breaks out and houses or ships are destroyed in whatever way, by the enemy or for the general cause, the general community — that is all the folk together — must repair it again. So, no one shall contribute to the failure of the common cause, in order to save his own properties.
3. IS ORLOCH VRTHÉJAN. ÀND SEND THÉR SVM [25] ALSA VRDÉREN THAT HJA NAVT LONGER WÀRKA NE MÜGON SA MOT THA MÉNA MÉNTE HJAM VNDER HALDA. BY THA FÉSTUM ACHON HJA FORÁNA TO SITTANA. TILTHJU THA JÜGED SKIL ÉRA HJAM. 3. When war has passed and there are some so disabled that they can no longer work, then the general community must take care of them. At feasts they must sit in the front rows, so that the youths will honor them.
[30] 4. SEND THÉR WÉDVON ÀND WÉSON KÉMON 4. Widows and orphans of war

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