[1] SA MOT MÀN HJA ÁK VNDERHALDA ÀND THA SVNA MÜGON THI NÁMA HJARAR TATA VPPIRA SKILDUM WRITA HJARA SLACHTA TO ERANE. must also be taken care of, and the sons may write the names of their fathers on their shields for the honor of their families.
[5] 5. SEND THÉR SVM THRVCH THENE FYAND FAT ÀND KVMATH HJA TOBÀK SA MOT MÀN HJAM FÉR FON THÀT KÀMP OF FORA. HWAND HJA MACHTON FRY LÉTEN WÉSA BY ÀRGE LOFTUM ÀND [10] THAN NE MÜGON HJA HJARA LOFTA NAVT NI HALDA ÀND TACH ÉRLIK BILÍWA. 5. If anyone has been caught by the enemy and they come back, they must be kept far away from the camp, because they may have been set free due to traitorous promises. This way they may avoid keeping their promises without forfeiting their honor.
6. JEF WI SELWA FYANDA FÁTA. SA BRÀNGE MON THAM DJAP ANDA LANDA WÉI. MÀN [15] LÉRTH HJA VSA FRYA SÉDE. 6. If we capture enemies ourselves, they are brought far away into the lands, and they are educated about our Frya morals.
7. LÉTH MÀN HJA ÀFTERNÉI HLÁPA. SA LÉTH MÀN THÀT MITH WELHÉD THRVCH THA FÁMNA DVA TILTHJU WI ÁTHA ÀND FRJUNDA WINNA FORI [20] LÉTHA ÀND FYANDUN. 7. If they are afterwards set free, it must be done with kindness by the maidens, in order that we win allies and friends instead of opponents and enemies.

[4. From Minno's Writings]
[4a. Minno: Preventing War]
UT MINNO.S SKRIFTUN. From Minno's Writings(1)
SAHWERSA THÉR ÉNMAN IS. THÉR.MÉTA ÀRG THAT HI VSA SWETSAR BIRAWATH. MORTH.DEDUN DVAT. HUSA BARNTH. MAN.GÉRTHA SKÀNTH [25] HOK THÀT.ET SY. THÀT ÀRG SY. ÀND VSA SWETNÁTA WILLON THÀT WROKEN HÀVA. SA IS THÀT RJUCHT THÀT MÀN THENE DÉDER FATA ÀND AN HJARA ÀJNWARDA DÉJA. TILTHJU THÉR VR NÉN ORLOCH NE KVME WÉRTHRVCH THA [30] VNSKÉLDIGA SKOLDE BOTA FORI THA SKÉLDIGA. WILLATH HJA HIM SIN LIF BIHALDA LÉTA ÁND THJU WRÉKA OFKAPIA LÉTA. SA MÉI If anyone is so wicked as to steal from our neighbors, commit murders, burn houses, defile girls, or whatever it is that is wicked, and our neighbors wish to have that avenged, it is right to catch the culprit and kill him in their presence, to prevent it from leading to war in which the innocent would suffer for the guilty. If they wish to spare his life and instead have the revenge be redeemed, that may

(1) ‘Minno’ (MINNO) – a female version of this name, used elsewhere, is MINNA. This is also a verb meaning 'to love'. Compare Minos.

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