[1] MAN THAT DÁJA. be tolerated.
THACH. IS THEN BONA EN KÉNING. GRÉVET.MAN. GRÉVA HWA THÀT.ET SY THAM OVIR.A SÉDA MOT WÁKA. SA MOTON WI THÀT KWAD BÉTERJA. MEN THANE BONA MOT [5] SIN STRAF HÁ. If the culprit is a king, a reeve, an alderman, or any one else who must uphold morals, however, we must make good for that evil, and the culprit must have his punishment.
FORTH HI EN ÉRE.NÁMA VPPA SINE SKELD FON SINA ÉTHELUN. SA NE MÜGON SINA SIBBA THI NÁMA NAVT LÔNGER NE FORA. THÉRVMBE THÀT THI ÉNE SIBBA SVRG SKIL HÀVA OVIRA [10] SÉDE THÉRA ÔTHERA. If he bears an honorable name from his ancestors on his shield, his kinsmen shall no longer use that name, in order that relatives will feel responsible for each other’s conduct.

[4b. Laws for the Steersmen]
Laws for the Steersmen(1)
(Steersmen is the title of the seafarers.)
1. ÁLLE FRYA.S SVNA HÀVA LIKKA RJUCHTA. THÉRVMB [15] MÜGON ÁLLE FLINKA KNÁPA HJARA SELF AS BUTTA FÁRER MELDA BY THA ÔLDERMÔN ÀND THISSE NE MY HIM NIT OFWISA WARA THAT ER NÉN STEK IS. 1. All Frya’s sons have equal rights. Therefore, all stalwart young men may register themselves as seafarers with the alderman who may not refuse them, unless there is no vacancy.
2. [20] THA STJURAR MÜGON HJARA ÀJN MÀSTRUN NOMA. 2. The steersmen may nominate their own captains.
3. THA KÁPLJVD MOTON KÉREN ÀND BINOMATH WERTHA THRVCH THA MÉNTE THÉR.ET GOD HÉRETH ÀND THA STJURAR NE MÜGON THÉR BY NÉN [25] STEM HÀVA. 3. The traders must be chosen and appointed by the community that manages the goods; the steersmen have no voice in their election.
4. JEF MÀN VPPE RÉIS BIFINTH THÀT THENE KÉNING ÀRG JEFTA VNBIKVMMEN IS. SA MÜGON HJA EN ÔRA NIMMA. KVMON HJA TOBÀK SA MY THENE KÉNING HIM SELF BIKLAGJA BY THA ÔLDERMÔN. [30] 4. If during a voyage it is found that the king is bad or incompetent, another may be put in his place, and on returning home the king may make his complaint to the alderman.
5. KVMTH THÉR FLÁTE TO HONK ÀND SIN THÉR BÁTA. SA MOTON THA STJURAR THÉR.OF EN 5. If the fleet returns with profits, the steersmen may divide

(1) Steersmen (STJURAR) or navigators, sea-people; possibly related to Sturii, a Germanic tribe described by Pliny.

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