3. [1] KVMTH THÉR HWA ÀND SÉITH. IK HÀV ORLOCH NW MOST.V MI HELPA. JEFTHA EN ÔRA KVMTH ÀND SÉITH MIN SVN IS VN.JÉRICH ÀND VN.BIKVMEN IK BIN ALD NW WILD IK THI TO WÁRANSTEW [5] OVIR HINI ÀND OVIR MIN LÁND STÀLLA. TIL HI JÉRICH SY. SA ACH MÀN THAT WÉIZARJA TILTHJU WI NAVT AN TWIST NE KVME NE MÜGE VR SÉKA. STRIDANDE WITH VSA FRYA SÉDUM. 3. If any neighbor comes and says: ‘I am at war, you must help me’; or another comes and says: ‘My son is under-age and incompetent, and I am old, so I wish you to be his guardian and to take charge of my property until he comes of age’, one ought to refuse that, in order that we may not come into disputes over causes that are in conflict with our Frya morals.
4. SAHWERSA THÉR KVMTH EN VRLANDISK [10] KAP.MAN VPPA TO LÉT MÀRK ET WÍRING.GA THA TO AL.MAN.LAND ÀND HI BIDROGHT SA WÀRTH.ER BISTONDA MÀRK.BÉTEN ÀND KÀNBÉR MÁKAD THRVCH THA FÁMNA INVR ET ÉLE LAND. KVMTH.ER THÀN TOBÀK SA NE SKIL [15] NIMMAN KÁPJA FON HIM. HY MÉI HINNE BRÛDA SA.R KVMEN IS. 4. Whenever a foreign trader comes to the open market at Wieringen or Almanland, if he cheats, he must immediately be marked, and revealed by the maidens throughout the whole land. If he ever comes back, no one shall deal with him. He may leave the way he came.
THUS. SAHWERSA.R KÁP.LJVD KÉREN WRDE VMBE WRA MERKA TO GA. JEFTHA MITH.E FLÁT TO FÁRANE SA ACH MAN ALLÉNA ALDVLKERA TO KJASANE THAM MÀN [20] TÍGE BY TÍGE KÀNTH ÀND AN.EN GODA HROP STÁNE BY THA FÁMNA. Thus, when traders are chosen to go over to the markets, or to sail with the fleet, one ought only to choose those that are very well known and stand in good repute with the maidens.
BÉRTH.ET NAVT TO MIN THÀT.ER EN ÀRG MAN MONG SY. THAM THA LJUD BITROGHA WIL SA AGON THA ÔRA THAT TO WÉRANE. HETH.I.T.AL DÉN SA MOT MÀN [25] THÀT BÉTERJA. ÀND THENE MIS.­DÉDAR UT OF LANDUM BANNA. TILTHJU VSA NÁMA VR AL MITH ÉRANE SKIL WERTHA BINOMATH. If, however, a bad man should by chance be chosen and should try to cheat, the others must prevent that. If he has already cheated, it must be set right and the culprit must be banished from the lands, in order that our name may be everywhere held in honor.
5. MEN JEF WI VS VPPEN VRLANDISKA MÀRKT FINDA. SY.ET HÉINDE JEFTHA FÉR [30] ÀND BÉRTH.ET THÀT.ET FOLK VS LÉT DVATH THA BISTÉLLETH. SÁ AGON WY MITH HASTE HÉI TO TO SLANA. HWAND AFSKÉN WI 5. But If we find ourselves at a foreign market, whether distant or near, and it happens that the people do us harm or steal from us, we must immediately attack them; for though we

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