[1] ÉLLA AGON TO DVANDE VMBE FRÉTHO WILLA VSA HALF.BROTHAR NE MÜGON VS NIMMER MIN.ACHTJA NACH WÁNA THAT WI ANGE SEND. must do everything for the sake of peace, our half-brothers may never underrate us or get the impression that we are afraid.

[4c2. Minno: Laws]
IN MIN JÜGED HÀV.IK WEL [5] ÉNIS MORT. OVERA BÀNDA THÉRA ÉWA. ÀFTER HÀV.IK FRYA OFTEN TANKED VR HIRA TEX ÀND VSA ÉTHLA VR THA ÉWA THÉR THÉRNÉI TAVLIKT SEND. In my youth, I sometimes complained about the restraints of the laws. Later, I often thanked Frya for her Tex, and our ancestors for the laws that were established upon it.
WR.ALDA JEFTA AL.FODER HETH MI FÉLO JÉREN JÉVEN. INVR FÉLO LANDA ÀND [10] SÉA HÀV.IK OMME.FÁREN. ÀND NÉI AL HWA.K SJAN HÀ. BIN.IK VR­TJÛGAD THAT WI ALLÉNA TRVCH AL.FODER ÛTFORKÉREN SEND. ÉWA TO HÀVANDE. Wralda — or Allfeeder — has given me many years. Over many lands and seas have I traveled, and after all that I have seen, I am convinced that we alone are privileged by Allfeeder to have laws.
LYDA.S FOLK NE MÉI NÉN ÉWA TO MÁKJANDE NI TO HALDANDE. HJA SIND TO [15] DVM ÀND WILD THÉR TO. FÉLO SLACHTA FINDA.S SEND SNOD ENOCH. MEN HJA SEND GÍRICH. HÁCH.FÁRANDE. FALSK. VNKUS ÀND MORT.SJOCHTICH. POGA BLÉSATH HJARA SELVA VPPA. ÀND HJA NE MÜGATH NAWET THÀN [20] KRUPA. FORSKA HROPATH WÀRK. WÀRK. ÀND HJA NE DVATH NAWET AS HIPPA ÀND KLUCHT MÁKJA. THA ROKA HROPATH SPÁR. SPÁR. MEN HJA STÉLON ÀND VRSLYNATH AL WAT VNDER HJARA SNAVELA KVMATH. Lyda’s folk can neither make nor maintain laws. They are too stupid and wild for that. Many of Finda’s tribes are clever enough, but they are greedy, haughty, false, unchaste, and murderous. Toads blow themselves out, but they do nothing but creep. Frogs cry: ‘work, work!’, but they do nothing but hop and make jokes. The crows cry: ‘spare, spare!’, but they steal and devour all they get into their beaks.
LIK ALTHAM IS THÀT [25] FINDAS.FOLK. HJA BOGATH IMMER OVIR GODA ÉWA. EK WIL SETMA MÁKJA VMB.ET KWÁD TO WÉRANE. MEN SELVA NIL NIMMAN THÉR AN BONDEN WÉSA. THÉRA. HWAM.HIS GÁST THÀT LESTIGOSTE SY. ÀND [30] THÉR­TRVCH STERIK. THAM.HIS HÔNE KRÉIATH KÉNING. ÀND THA ÔRA MOTON ALWENNA AN SIN WELD VNDER.WURPEN WÉSA TIL EN ÔTHER KVMTH THÉR.IM Like all these is Finda’s folk. They always pride themselves on their good laws; everyone wants to make rules to avert evil, but no one wants to be bound to these themselves. The one whose mind is most cunning, and thus strong, he rules and the others must in every way submit to him until another comes who

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