[1] FON.A SÉTEL DRÍWET. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - drives him off his throne.(1)

(1) ‘he rules’ — lit.: ‘his rooster crows king’ (expression).

[4c3. Minno: Aewa]
THÀT WORD ÉWA IS TO FRÁN VMBE AN MÉNA SÉKA TO NOMANDE. THERVMBE HET MÀN VS ÉVIN SEZA LÉRTH. The word ‘aewa’ is too sacred for common use. Therefore, we have learned to say ‘even’.
ÉWA THÀT SÉITH SETMA THÉR BI ALLER MÀNNISKA É.LIK AN HJARA [5] MOD PRENTH SEND. TILTHJU HJA MÜGE WÉTA HWAT RJUCHT AND VNRJUCHT SY. AND HWÉR THRVCH HJA WELDICH SEND VMBE HJARA ÀJNE DÉDA ÀND THAM FON ÔRUM TO BIRJUCHTANDE. THÀT WIL SEDSA. ALSANÁKA HJA GOD ÀND NAVT MIS.DÉDECH [10] VPBROCHT SEND. Aewa refers to the rules that are imprinted equally in the hearts of all people, in order that they may know what is right and what is wrong, and by which they are able to judge their own deeds and those of others; that is, insofar as they have been brought up well and are not corrupted.
ÁK IS.ER JET.EN ÔRA SIN AN FÀST. ÉWA SÉIT AK. É.LIK WÉTER.LIK. RJUCHT ÀND SLJUCHT AS WÉTER THAT THRVCH NÉN STORNE.WIND JEFTA AWET OWERS VRSTOREN IS. WARTH WÉTER VRSTOREN SA [15] WARTH.ET VN.ÉWA. VNRJUCHT. MEN.ET NÍGTH ÉVG VMBE WITHER ÉWA TO WERTHANDE. There is also yet another meaning attached; aewa also relates to ‘ae-like’ — that is water-like: even and smooth like water that is not disturbed by windstorm or anything else. If water is disturbed, it becomes uneven, ‘unright’, but it always has a tendency to become even again.
THAT LÉITH AN SIN FONSELV.HÉD. ALSA THA NÍGUNG TO RJUCHT ÀND FRYDOM IN FRYA.S BERN LÉITH. THESSA NIGUNG HÀVATH WI TRVCH WR.ALDA.S GÁST. VSA FODER. [20] THÉR IN FRYAS BERN BOGTH THÉRVMBE SKIL HJU VS ÁK ÉVG BIKLÍWA. That is its nature, just as the inclination towards justice and freedom exists in Frya's children. We derive this disposition from our feeder(1) — Wralda's spirit — which speaks strongly in Frya's children, and will eternally remain so.
ÉWA. IS ÁK THET ÔRA SINNA.BYLD FON WR.ALDA.S GÁST. THÉR ÉVG RJUCHT ÀND VN.FORSTOREN. BILIWATH AFSKÉN.ET AN SIN LICHÉME ÀRG TO GÉIT. ÉWA ÀND [25] VNFORSTOREN SEND THA MÀRKA THÉRA WISDOM ÀND RJUCHT FÉRDICH HÉD THÉR FON ALLE FRÉMO MÀNNISKA SOCHT ÀND TRVCH ALLA RJUCHTERA BISÉTEN WRDEN MOT. Aewa is also the other symbol of Wralda's spirit,(2) which eternally remains just and undisturbed, although in his physical body there may be rage. Aewa and being undisturbed are the signs of wisdom and righteousness, which must be sought after by all pious people, and must be possessed by all judges.
WILLATH THA MÀNNISKA THUS SETMA [30] ÀND DOMAR MÁKJA THÉR ALAN GOD BILIWA ÀND ALLERWYKES SÁ MOTON HJA ÉLIK WÉSA TOFARA ALLE MÀNNISKA If, therefore, the people want to make resolutions and pronounce sentences, which always and everywhere remain good, they must be the same for all people.

(1) ‘feeder’ (FODER, elsewhere FÉDER) – or: nourisher, provider; later a relation with ‘father’ is suggested and as AL.FODER/ AL.FÉDER it can both mean all-father and all-feeder.
(2) The first symbol being the Yule or six-spoke wheel of time; see page [045].

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