[1] NÉI THISSE ÉWA ACHAT THA RJUCHTERA HJARA ORDÉL UT TO KÉTHANDE. According to these aewa, the judges must pronounce their decisions.
IS THÉR EN'G KWÁD DÉN HWÉRVR NÉN ÉWA TAVLIKT SEND SA MOT MÀN ÉNE MÉNA ACHT BILIDSA THÉR [5] ORDÉLTH MÀN NÉI THA SIN THÉR WR.ALDA.S GÁST AN VS KÉTH VMBE OVER ELLA RJUCHT.FÉRDICH TO BIRJUCHTANDE. ALTHUS TO DVANDE NE SKIL VS ORDÉL NÀMMER FÁLIKANT UT NE KVMA. If any evil is done for which no aewa are established, a general assembly must be called, where judgment shall be pronounced in accordance with what Wralda's spirit reveals to us, in order to judge justly about all things. If we do so, our judgment will never fail to be right.
NE DVATH MÀN NÉN RJUCHT MEN [10] VNRJUCHT. ALSA RIST THÉR TWIST ÀND TWISPALT EMONG THA MÀNNISKA ÀND STÁTA. THÉR.UT SPRUT INLÁNDISKA ORLOCH. WÉRTHRVCH ELLA HOMLJATH ÀND VRDÀREN WÀRTH. If instead of doing right, men commit wrongs, there will arise quarrels and discord among people and states. Thence arise civil wars, through which all will be destroyed and spoiled.
MEN O DVMHÉD. DÁHWILA WI [15] TO DVANDE SEND EKKORUM TO SKÁDANE KVMTH.ET NIDIGE FOLK FINDA.S MITH HJARA FALSKA PRESTERUM JVW HÀWA TO RÁWANDE JVWA TOGHATERA TO SKÀNDANE. JVWA SÉDA TO VRDVA ÀND TO THA LESTA [20] KLÀPPATH HJA SLÁVONA.BANDA OM JAHWELIKES FRYA HALS. And oh, foolishness! While we are busy damaging each other, the envious Finda people come with their false priests, to steal your possessions, defile your daughters, corrupt your morals, and in the end throw the bonds of slavery over every Frya's neck.

[4d. Minno: Minerva]
2. UTA SKRIFTA MINNO.S. 2. From Minno's writings
THÁ NY.HEL.LÉNJA. THAM FON HJRA ÀJN NÔME MIN.ERVA HÉTE. GOD SÉTEN WAS ÀND [25] THA KRÉKALANDER HJA TOMET EVEN HÀRDE MINADE AS VS AJN FOLK. THÁ KÉMON THÉR SVME FORSTA ÀND PRESTERA VPPERA BURCH ÀND FRÉJON MIN.ERVA HWÉR OF HJRA ERVA LÉJON. When Nyhellenia [or Hellenia],(1) whose own name was Minerva, was well established, and the Greeks loved her almost as much as her own folk,(2) some princes and priests came to the burg and asked her where her inherited estates or ‘erva’ were.
HEL.LÉNJA ANDERE [30] MINA ERVA DRÉG IK OM IN MINA BOSM. HWAT IK URVEN HÀV IS LJAFDE VR WISDOM. RJUCHT ÀND FRYDOM. HÀV Hellenia answered: ‘I carry “min” — that is, my — “erva” in my heart. What I inherited is love of wisdom, justice and freedom. If

(1) ‘ Nyhellenia’ (NY.HEL.LÉNJA) – in the next sentence shortened in original as HEL.LÉNJA, translated here as Hellenia; the name literally means ‘provide new clarity’.
(2) ‘Greeks’ (KRÉKALANDER) from KRÉKALANDA – suggested to mean creek-lands; elsewhere differentiated as ‘near’ (appr. current Italy) and ‘distant’ (appr. current Greece).

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