[1] IK THAM VRLÉREN ALSA BEN.IK É.LIK ANTHA MINNISTE JWAR SLÁVONENA. NW JÉV.IK RÉD VM NAWET. MEN THAN SKOLD.IK VRKÁPJA THAM. I lost that, I would be like the lowest of your slaves. Now I give advice for free, but then I would sell it.’
THA HÉRA GVNGON WÉI. ÀND HRIPON [5] AL LAKANDE. JVWAR HÉROGA THJANRA WISA HEL.LÉNJA. THACH THÉRMITHA MISTON HJA HJARA DOL. HWAND THÀT FOLK THÀT HJA MINNADE ÀND HJA FOLGADE NAM THIS NÔME TO.N ÉRE.NÔME AN. The dignitaries left and shouted, mockingly: ‘We are your obedient servants, wise Hellenia!’ But they failed in their ridicule, for the folk that loved and followed her, took this name as a name of honor.
THA HJA SÁGON [10] THÀT HJARA SKOT MIST HÉDE. THÁ GVNGON HJA HJA BIHLVDA ÀND SÉIDON THAT HJU.T FOLK HEXNAD HÉDE. MEN VS FOLK ÀND THA GODA KRÉKA.LANDAR WÉRDE ALLERWÉIKES THAT.ET LASTER WÉRE. When the dignitaries realized they had missed their target, they started accusing her and said she had bewitched the folk. But our folk, and the good Greeks, asserted everywhere that it was slander.
ÉNES [15] KÉMON HJA ÀND FRÉGON. AS THV THÀN NÉN THJONSTER NE BISTE HWAT DÉIST THÁN MITHA ÀJAR THAM THV ALTI BI THI HESTE. Once they came and asked: ‘So if you are not a sorceress, then what is the purpose of the eggs you always have with you?’
MIN.ERVA ANDERE. THISE ÀJAR SEND THAT SINE.BYLD FON FRYA.S RÉD.­JÉVINGA WÉRIN VSA TO.KVMSTE [20] FORHÉLEN HLÉIT ÀND FON ÉL THÀT MÀNNESKALIK.SLACHTE. TID MOT HJA UTBRODA AND WI MOTON WÁKA THÀT.ER NÉN LÉTH AN NE KVMTH. Minerva answered: ‘These eggs are the symbol of Frya's counsels, in which our future, and that of all humankind, lies concealed. Time must hatch them and we must protect them from being damaged.’
THA PRESTERA. GOD SÉID. MEN HWÉRTO [25] THJANATH THENE HVND AN THINA FÉRA HAND. The priests replied: ‘Well said, but what is that hound at your right hand side for?’
HEL.LÉNJA ANDERE HETH THENE HÀRDER NÉN SKÉPER VMBE SIN KIDDE AT SÉMNE TO HALDANDE. HWAT THENE HVND IS INNA THJANIST THES SKÉP.­HÀRDER. [30] BIN IK IN FRYA.S THJANEST. IK MOT OVIR FRYA.S KIDDE WÁKA. Hellenia answered: ‘Does not the shepherd have a sheepdog to keep his herd together? Just like the dog serves the shepherd, I am in Frya's service. I must watch over her flock.’
THAT LIKATH VS GOD TO SÉDON THA PRESTAR. MEN SEG VS ‘That makes sense indeed,’ said the priests, ‘but tell us,

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