[1] HVAT IS THJU BITJVTENISE FON THI NACHT.ULE. THÉR IMMER BOPPA THIN HOLE SIT. IS THAT LJUCHT.SKVWANDE DJAR ALTOMET THET TÉKEN THINRA KLÁR.SJANHÉD. what is the meaning of the night owl that is always sitting on your head? Might that light-shunning animal be the sign of your clairvoyance?’
NÉAN ANDERE HEL.LÉNJA HI HELPTH [5] MY HÜGJA THAT.ER EN SLACH FON MÀNNISKA OVIR JRTHA OMME.DWÁLTH. THÉR EVEN LIK HI IN KÀRKA ÀND HOLA HÉMA. THÉR AN TJUSTER FROTA. THACH NAVT AS HI. VMB.VS FON MÛSA ÀND ÔRA PLÀGA TO HELPANE. MEN RENKA TO [10] FORSINA. THA ÔRA MÀNNISKA HJARA WITSKIP TO RÁWÁNE TILTHJU HJA THAM TO BÉTRE MÜGE FÁTA VMBER SLÁVONA FON TO MÁKJANDE ÀND HJARA BLOD UT TO SÛGANE. ÉVEN AS VAMPÍRA DVA. ‘No,’ Hellenia answered, ‘he helps me remember that a certain kind of people is wandering the earth, also living in temples and holes, gnawing in the dark, but not like him, helping to rid us of mice and other plagues, but rather to invent tricks to rob other people of their knowledge, so they can more easily seize and enslave them, and suck their blood like leeches.’
ÉNIS KÉMON HJA MITH.EN BENDA [15] FOLK. PEST WAS OVER.ET LAND KVMEN. HJA SÉIDON. WI ALLE SEND TO DVANDE. THA GODA TO OFFERJA TILTHJU HJA PEST WÉRA MÜGE. NILST THV THEN NAVT NE HELPA HJARA GRIMSKIP TO STILANE. JEFTHA HETHSTE PEST SELVA OVIR.ET LAND BROCHT [20] MITH THINRA KUNSTA. Once, when a plague had come to the land, they came with a crowd of people, and said: ‘We are all making offerings to the gods, so they might ward off the plague. Will you not help to calm their wrath, or did you bring the plague over the land with your arts?’
NÉAN SÉIDE MIN.ERVA. MEN IK NE KÀN NÉNE GODA THÉR ÀRG.DVANDE SEND. THÉRVMBE NE KÀN IK NAVT FRÉJA JEF HJA BETER WRDA WILLA. IK KÀN ÉN GODE. THÀT IS WRALDAS GÁST. MEN THRVCH THAM [25] ER GOD IS. DVATH.ER ÁK NEN KWÁD. ‘No,’ Minerva said, ‘since I do not know any gods that do evil, I cannot ask them to be nicer. I only know one “god” — that is Wralda’s spirit — and because “god” means good, he also does no evil.’
HWANATH KVMTH.ET KWÁD THÀN WÉI FRÉJATH THA PRESTERA. ‘Where does evil come from then?’ the priests asked.
ALLET KWAD KVMTH FON JOW ÀND FON THÉRE DVMHÉD THÉRA MÀNNISKA THAM HJARA SELVA FON JOW FENSA LÉTA. ‘All evil comes from yourselves and from the stupidity of the people that walk into your trap.’
JEF [30] THIN DROCHTEN THÀN SÁ BJUSTRE GOD IS WÉRVMB WÉRTH.ER.ET KWÁD THÀN NAVT FRÉJATH THA.PRESTERA. ‘So if your supreme being is all that good, then why does he not avert evil?’ the priests asked.
HEL.LÉNJA ANDERE. FRYA HETH.VS Hellenia answered: ‘Frya has put us

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