[1] THA ROKKA ÀND ÔRA FÜGLON KVMATH ALLÉNA FALLA VP WL ÁS. MEN PEST MINTH NAVT ALLÉNA WL ÁS. MEN WLA SÉD. PLÉGUM AND FANGNISA. WILSTV NV THAT PEST FONI WIKA [5] AND NA WITHER NE KVMA. THÀN MOSTV THA FANGNISA WÉI DVA. ÀND THAT J ALLA RÉN WRDE FON BINNA ÀND FON BÛTA. ‘Crows and other birds only feed on foul carrion, whereas the plague not only likes foul carrion, but also foul ethics, customs, and addictions. If you want the plague to leave for good, you must overcome the addictions and all must become pure, inside and out.’
WI WILLATH BI LÁWA THÀT THIN RÉD GOD SY. SÉIDON THA PRESTERA. MEN SEG VS. HO SKILUN WI THÉR [10] ALLA MÀNNISKA TO KRÉJA THÉR VNDER VS WELD SEND. ‘We want to believe your counsel is good’, said the priests, ‘but tell us how we are supposed to improve all the people under our rule?’
THÁ STAND HEL.LÉNJA VP FON HIRA SÉTEL ÀNDE KÉTH. THA MUSKA FOLGATH THENE SÉJAR. THA FOLKA HJARA GODA FORSTA. THÉRVMBE ACHSTV TO BIJINNANDE [15] MITH THIN SELVA ALSA RÉN TO MÁKJANDE THAT.STV THINNA BLIKKA IN ÀND UTWARD MÉI RJUCHTA SVNDER SKÁMRÁD TO WERTHANDE TO FARA THIN AJN MOD. MEN IN STÉDE FON THAT FOLK RÉN TO MÁKJANDE [20] HESTE WLA FÉRSTA ÛTFONDEN HWÉR VPPA THÀT FOLK ALSANÁKA SUPTH THAT HJA TO LESTA LIK THA BARGA ANNATH SLIP FROTA. VMBE THAT.STV THIN WLA LUSTA BOTA MÉI. Then Hellenia rose from her seat and said: ‘The sparrows follow the sower, the folks their good leaders. Therefore, you must begin by purifying yourselves, so that you may look within and without, without turning red from shame before your own conscience. Now, instead of purifying the people, you have invented foul feasts where they drink so excessively that they end up rooting in the mud like pigs, ready to satisfy your vile lusts.’
THA FOLK BIGOST TO JOLANDE [25] ÀN TO SPOTANDE. THÉRTHRVCH NE THVRADON HJA NÉN STRID WITHER AN TO SPINNANDE. NV SKOLDE ÀJDER WANA THÀT HJA VRAL.ET FOLK TO HÁPE HWOPEN HÉDE VMBE VS ALGADUR TO.T.LAND UT TO DRIWANDE. NÉAN AN STÉDE FON HJA TO [30] BIHLÛDA GVNGON HJA ALLERWÉIKE.S. AK TO THA HÉINDA. KRÉKA.LANDA TIL THA ALPA. UT TO KÉTHANE. THAT.ET THENE ALLERVRSTE DROCHTEN The people began to yell and scold, so that she did not dare to engage in any further debate. One might have expected that they would have mobilized people everywhere to expel us altogether from the land. No, instead of accusing her, they went every­where, even to the Near Greeklands, up to the Alps, declaring that it had pleased the most supreme being

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