[1] VMBE THÉR ÉNE TO FRÉJANDE. MEN THA PRESTERA THAM BY HJRA ÀJN FOLK THÀT RIK WITHER IN HÉDE. NILDON THÀT NI HEN'GJA ÀND KÉTHON VS BY RA FOLK AS VNFRÁNA [5] UT. to ask one there. However, the priests, who had regained power over the people, would not permit that and accused us before the people of being impious.

[4e. Minno: Crete]
3. UT.A SKRIFTA MINNO.S. 3. From Minno's writings
THA.K ALTHUS WÉI FAREN WAS MITH MINA LJVD FON ATHENJA KÉMON WI TO THA LESTA AN EN É.LAND THRVCH MIN LJVD KRÉTA HÉTON VMA WILDA KRÉTA THAM ET FOLK ANHÍV BY VSA KVMSTE. When I had thus left Athenia with my people,(1) we finally landed on an island which my people named Crete, because of the wild cries that the inhabitants raised on our arrival.(2)
THA AS [10] HJA SAGON THÀT WI NÉN ORLOCH ANT. SKÉLD FORON WRDON HJA MAK. ALSA.K ET LEST FAR EN BOTA MITH ÍSER ARK EN HAVESMODE AND EN STADA LAND WANDELDE. When they saw that we did not plan to wage war, they calmed down, so that I could eventually exchange a boat with iron goods for a harbor and a piece of land.
THACH THÁ WI EN STUT SÉTEN HÉDE ÀND HJA SPÉRDON THAT [15] WI NÉN SLAVONA NÉDE. THA WÉRON HJA THÉR WR VRSTÀLATH. MEN THA THA.K RA NW TALTH HÉDE THÀT WI ÉWA HÉDON É.LIK TO BIRJUCHTANDE VR ALLA THA WILDET FOLK AK FON SOKKA HÁ. THACH SKÉRS HÉDON HJA THAM JEFTA [20] THÀT ÉLLE LÁND KÉM ANDA TÍS. However, when we had been settled there for a while and they noticed that we had no slaves, they were amazed. And after I had explained to them that we had laws by which everyone is judged equally, the people wanted to have such laws too. They had hardly established them, however, and the whole land was in chaos.
THA FORSTA ÀND PRESTERA KÉMON BÁRJA THÀT WI HJARA TJVTH OVERHÉRICH MAKAD HÉDE ÀND THÀT FOLK KÉM TO VS VMBE HUL ÀND SKUL. THACH THÁ THA FORSTA SAGON THÀT HJA HJARA RIK VRLJASA [25] SKOLDA THÁ JÉVON HJA THÀT FOLK FRYDOM ÀND KÉMON TO MY VMBEN É.SEZA.BOK. The princes and priests came and complained that we had made their people unruly, and the folk came to us for aid and protection, but when the princes saw that they were about to lose their dominion, they granted their folk freedom and came to ask me for a book of laws.
THACH THÀT FOLK NAS NÉN FRYDOM WENTH ÀND THA HÉRA BILÉVON WELDA NÉI THAT IR GOD THOCHTE. THÁ THI STORN WR WÉR. BIGOSTON HJA TWISPALT [30] AMONG VS TO SÉJA. HJA SÉIDON TO MIN FOLK THAT IK HJARA HELP ANHROPEN HÉDE VMBE STANDFÀST KÉNING TO WERTHANDE. The folk, however, were not used to freedom, and the masters kept ruling the way they thought was right. When this storm had passed, they began to sow discord among us. They told my folk that I had invoked their help to become a permanent king.

(1) ‘Athenia’ (ATHENJA) — Athens.
(2) ‘cries’ (KRÉTA) — Dutch: kreten (noun plural), from verb krijten (to cry).

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