[1] ÉNIS FAND IK GIF IN MIN MET. THA AS ER ÉNIS EN SKIP FON.T FLÍ BY VS VRSÉILDE BEN IK THÉR MITH STOLKENS HINNE BRITH. Once I found poison in my food. So on one occasion, when a ship from the Flee sailed among us, I quietly took my leave.
THACH MIN ÀJN WITHER FARA TO LÉTANDE. SA WIL.K MITH [5] THESA SKÉDNESA ALLÉNA SÉZA. THAT WI NAVT MÜGE HÉMA MITH ET FINDAS FOLK FON WÉR THAT ET SY. HWAND THÀT HJA FVL SEND MITH FALSKA RENKA. ÉWA TO FRÉSANE AS HJARA SWETE WINA MITH DÉJANDE [10] FENIN. My own adventures aside, I merely want to say with this history that we cannot live together with Finda’s folk, from wherever they may be, because they are full of false tricks, as much to be feared as their sweet wine with deadly poison.
ENDE WRA SKRIFTA MINNO.S. The end of Minno's writings.

[5. Justice]
[5a1. Three Principles]
HIR VNDER SEND THRÉ WÉTA. THÉR ÀFTER SEND THISSA SETMA MAKAD. Here are three principles on which the following regulations are based:
1. ALLERA MANNA.LIK WÉT THÀT I SIN BIHOF [15] MOT. MEN WÀRTH ÀMMAN SIN BIHOF VNTHALDEN SÁ NÉT NÉN MAN HWAT ER SKIL DVA VMBE SIN LIF TO BIHALDANDE. 1. Everyone knows that one must have his needs fulfilled, and that when one’s needs are denied, no one knows what he will do to preserve his life.
2. ALLE ELTE MINNISKA WERTHAT DRONGEN A [20] BÀRN TO TÉJANDE. WÀRTH THAT WÉRTH. SA NÉT NIMMAN WATH ÀRGES THÉROF KVME. 2. All healthy people feel the desire to raise children. If that is hindered, no one knows what evil may come of it.
3. ALREK WÉT THAT.I FRY AND VNFORLÉTH [25] WIL LÉVA. AND THAT ORE THAT AK WILLE. 3. Everyone knows that he wants to live free and unhindered, and that others wish the same.

[5a2. Regulations and Penalties]
VMBE SÉKUR TO WÉSANDE SEND THESA SETMA ÀND DOMAR MAKAD. To be secure, these regulations and penalties are established:
THÀT FOLK FINDA.S HETH ÁK SETMA ÀND DOMAR. MEN THISSA NE SEND NAVT NÉI 30THA RJUCHT. MEN ALLÉNA TO BATA THÉRA PRESTERA ÀND FORSTA. THANA SEND HJARA STÁTA IMMERTHE FVL TISPALT ÀND MORD. (Finda’s folk also has regulations and penalties. These are not based on justice though, but only to benefit the priests and princes. As a result, their states are always full of discord and murder.)

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