[1] 1. SAHWERSA IMMAN NÁD HETH ÀND HI NE KÀN HIM SELVA NAVT NE HELPA SA MOTON THA FÁMNA THÀT KVNDICH DVA AN THA GRÉVA. THÉRFAR THÀT ET EN STOLTE FRYA.S NAVT NE [5] FOCHT THÀT SELVA TO DVA. 1. If someone should be in need and he is unable to help himself, the maidens must inform the aldermen, because it does not befit a proud Frya to do so himself.
2. SA HWA ÀRM WÀRTH THRVCHTHAM HI NAVT WÀRKA NIL. THÉR MOT TO THÀT LÁND UT DRÉVEN WERTHA. HWAND THA LÀFA ÀND LOMA SEND LESTICH [10] ÀND ÀRG TÀNKANDE. THÉRVMBE ÁCH MÀN TO WÉRANA THÀM. 2. If someone becomes poor because he is unwilling to work, he must be driven out of the land, because the cowardly and lazy are insidious and ill-disposed; therefore, they ought to be removed.
3. JAHWÉDER JONG KERDEL ÁCH EN BRUD TO SÉKA ÀND IS ER FIF ÀND TWINTICH SA ÁCHTER [15] EN WIF TO HÀVA. 3. Every young man must seek a bride, and when he is twenty-five, he must have a wife.
4. IS HWA FIF ÀND TVINTICH ÀND HETH ER NÉN ÉN'GÁ SÁ ACH EK MAN HIM UT SIN HUS [20] TO WÉRANE. THA KNÁPA ACHON HIN TO FORMYDA. NIMTH ER THÀN NACH NÉN ÉN'GÁ SA MOT MÀN HIN DÁD SÉZA TILTHJU HI UT OF LANDE BRÛDE ÀND HIR NÉN ÀRGENESE NÉVA NE MÉI. 4. If someone is twenty-five and without a partner, everyone must ban him from their homes; the young men must avoid him. If he still will not take a partner, he must be declared dead, so that he leaves the country and does not give offense here.
[25] 5. IS HWA WRAK THÀN MOTER AVBÉR SÉZA THAT NIMMAN FON HIM TO FRÉSANE NACH TO DUCHTANE HETH. SÁ MÉI R KVMA HWER ER WIL. 5. If a man is impotent, he must openly declare that no one has to fear or mistrust him; then he may come or go where he likes.
[30] 6. PLÉCHTER ÀFTERNÉI HORDOM. SÁ MÉI.R FLUCHTA. NE FLUCHTER NAVT SA IS ER AN THA WRÉKE 6. If he practices unlawful sexual relations after all this, he will have to flee. For if he does not, he is left to the vengeance

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