[1] THÉR BITROGNA VRLÉTEN. ÀND NIMMAN NE MÉI HELPA HIM. of those whom he has offended, and no one may help him.
7. SAHWERSA ÀMMAN EN'G GOD HETH ÀND EN ÔTHER LIKTH THAT THERMÉTE THÀT I HIM THÉR AN [5] VRFATE SA MOTI THÀT THRJA VRJELDA. STÉLTH I JETA RÉIS THÀN MOT HI NÉI THA TIN.LÁNUM. WIL THENE BISTÉLNE HIM FRY JÉVA SÁ MÉI R THÀT DVA. THA BÉRTH ET WITHER SA NE MÉI NIMMAN HIM FRYDOM JÉVA. 7. If someone has some goods and another likes them so much that he lays his hands on them, then the latter must restore it threefold. If he ever steals again, he is exiled to the tin mines. The person robbed may forgive him if he pleases, but if it happens once more, no one can give him freedom.

[5b1. Punishments for Wrathful People]
[10] THISSA DOMAR SEND MAKAD FARA NYDIGA MÀNNISKA. These punishments were imposed for wrathful people:
1. SA HWA IN HÁSTE MODE THA UT NID ANNEN OTHERIS LÉJA BREKTH. AGNA UT STÁT JEFTHA THOTH. HOK THÀT ET SY. SA MOT THI LÉTHA BITALLJA [15] HWAT THENE LÉDAR ASKTH NE KÀN HI THÀT NI DVA. SA MOTER AVBÉR AN IM DÉN WERTHA SA HI AN THENE ÔRE DÉTH. NIL HI THÀT NAVT UT NE STONDA. SA MOTI HIM TO SINA BURCH FAM WENDA. JEF I INNA ÍSER JEFTHA TIN.LÁNA [20] MÉI WERKA TIL SIN SKELD AN SY NÉI THÉR MÉNE DOM. 1. If someone in a rush or out of wrath breaks an other's limbs, puts out eyes or teeth, whatever it is, the perpetrator must pay what the victim asks. If he cannot, he must publicly suffer the same injury as he did to the other. If he refuses this, he must appeal to the burg maiden so that he may be sent to work in the iron or tin mines and pay off his debt according to the general rule.
2. JEF THER IMMAN FVNDEN WÀRTH ALSA ÀRG THAT.I EN FRYA.S FELTH. HI MOT ET MITH SINA LIF BITALJA. KÀN SINE BURCHFÁM HIN FAR ALTID [25] NEI THA TIN.LÁNA HELPA ÉR ER FAT WRDE SÍ MÉI THÀT DVA. 2. If anyone is found so evil as to slay a Frya, he must pay for it with his life. Should his burg maiden be able to convey him permanently to the tin mines, she may do so before he is caught.
3. SAHWERSA THI BONA MÉI BIWISA MITH VRKÀNDA TJUGUM THAT ET BY VNLUK SKÉN IS. SA SKIL HI FRY WÉSA. MEN BÉRTHET JETA RÉIS [30] SA MOT I THACH NÉI THA TIN.LÁNUM. TILTHJU MAN THÉRTHRVCH FORMITHA. ALL VNERIMDE WRÉKA AND FÉITHA. 3. If the slayer can prove with acknowledged witnesses that it happened by accident, he shall be free; but if it happens again, he must yet go to the tin mines to avoid all kinds of absurd vengeance and feuds.

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