[5b2. Punishments for Evildoers]
[1] THIS SEND DOMAR FARA HORNINGA. These are punishments for evildoers:
1. HWA EN ÔTHERIS HUS. UT NID. THENE RÁDA HÔN ANSTEKTH. NIS NÉN FRYA.S. HI IS EN [5] HORNING MITH BASTERDE BLOD. MÉI MAN HIN BI THÉR DÉD BIFÁRA. SA MOT MÀN HIN VPPET FJVR WERPA. HY MÉI FLÍA SA R KÀN THACH NÀRNE SKIL SÉKUR WÉSA FARA WRÉKANDE HÁND. 1. He who out of wrath sets fire to an other's house is no Frya;(1) he is the product of adultery and has contaminated blood. If he is caught in the act, he must be thrown into the fire. He may flee if he can, but will nowhere be safe from the avenging hand.
2. [10] NÉN ÀFTA FRYA.S SKIL OVIR.A MISSLÉGA SINRA NÉSTE MÁLJA NACH KALTA. IS HWA MISDÉDOCH FAR IM SELVA THA NAVT FRÉSELIK FAR EN ÔRA. SA MÉI HI HIM SELVA RJUCHTA. WÀRTHI ALSA ÀRG THÀT ER FRÉSLIK WÀRTH [15] SA MOT MÀN T ANDA GRÉVA BARA. 2. No true Frya shall slander nor gloat over his neighbor's mistakes. If his speech says more about himself than others, then let him be his own judge. Should he become so bad as to be a menace, it must be brought before the aldermen.
MEN IS THÉR HWA THÉR EN ÔTHER ÀFTERBÀKIS BITIGHATH IN STÉDE FON T TO DVANDE BY THA GRÉVA THAM IS EN HORNING. VPPER MÀRK MOT I ANDA PÉLE BVNDEN WRDE [20] SA THAT ET JONG FOLK IM ANSPÉJA MÉI ÀFTER LÁDATH MÀN OVERA MÀRKA. MEN NAVT NÉI THA TIN.LÁNA THRVCH THAT EN ÉRE RÁWER ÁK THÉR IS TO FRÉSANE. If anyone, however, accuses another behind his back, instead of going to the aldermen, he is a bastard. He must be tied to the pillory in the marketplace so that the young folk may spit on him. After this, he is banished — but not to the tin mines, because even there a slanderer is to be feared.
3. [25] SAHWERSA THÉR ÉNIS IMMAN WÉRE. SÁ ÀRG THÀT I VS GVNG VRRÉDE BY THA FYAND. PÁDA ÀND TO PÁDA WÉS. VMBE VSA FLÍBURGA TO NAKA JEFTHA THES NACHTIS THÉRIN TO GLUPA THAM WÉRE ALLÉNA WROCHT UT FINDA.S [30] BLOD. HIM SKOLDE MÀN MOTA BARNA. THA STJVRAR SKOLDON SIN MÀM ÀND AL SINA SIBBA NÉI EN FÉR É.LAND MOTA BRÀNGA 3. If there would ever be someone so evil as to betray us to the enemy by revealing paths and passages that lead to our places of refuge so they may sneak into them by night, he can only have sprung from Finda's blood. He must be burned. The steersmen must take his mother and all his relatives to a distant island

(1) ‘sets fire’ — lit.: ‘lights the red rooster’ (metaphor, still known in Dutch).

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