[1] AND THÉR SIN ASK FORSTUVA TILTHJU.R HÍR NÉN FENINIGE KRÛDON FON WAXA NE MÜGE. THA FÁMNA MOTON THÀN SIN NÁM UT SPÉJA INVR AL VSA STATA TILTHJU NÉN BÀRN SIN NÁM [5] NE KRÉJE ÀND THA ALDA HIN MÜGE VRWERPA. and there scatter his ashes, so that no poisonous herbs may sprout from them. The maidens must curse his name in all our states,(2) in order that children no longer be called by that name and adults who already have that name may change it into something else.

(2) ‘curse’ — lit.: ‘spit out’.
[5c. Three Thieves]
ORLOCH WAS VRTIGEN. MEN NÉD WAS KVMEN AN SIN STÉD. NW WÉRON HÍR THRÉ MANNISKA THÉR EK EN BUDA KÉREN STÉLON [10] FON ASVNDERGANE ÉJNHÉRA. THA HJA WRDON ALLE FAT. War was over, but famine had come in its place. Three men each stole a bundle of corn from different owners and they were all caught.
NW GVNG THENE ÉROSTA TO ÀND BROCHT THENE THJAF BY THA SKELTE. THA FÁMNA THÉRVR KÀLTANDE SÉIDON ALLERWÉIS THÀT I DÉN HÉDE NÉI THA RJUCHT. The first owner brought his thief to court. The maidens discussed it and concluded unanimously that he acted according to law.
THI ÔRA NAM [15] THENE THJAF THÀT KÉREN OF AND LÉTH IM FORTH MITH FRÉTO. THA FÁMNA SÉIDON. HI HETH WEL DÉN. The second owner took the corn back from his thief and let him go in peace. The maidens said he had done well.
MEN THI THREDDE ÉJNHÉR GVNG NÉI THA THJAF SIN HUS THÁ. AS ER NW SACH HO NÉD THÉR SIN SÉTEL VPSTÀLTH HÉDE. THÁ GVNG HI [20] TO.BÀK ÀND KÉRDE WITHER. MITH EN WÉIN FOL NÉDTHREFTUM THÉR HI NÉD MITH FON THÉRE HÉRD OF DRIWE. FRYA.S FÁMNA HÉDON BY HIM OMME WÁRATH ÀND SIN DÉD AN DAT ÉVGE BOK SKRÉVEN DAHWILE HJA AL SINA LÉKA UTFÁCHT [25] HÉDE. THJU ÉRE MODER WAS ET SÉID ÀND HJU LÉTH ET KUNDICH DVA THRVCH THÀT ÉLE LAND. The third owner, however, went to his thief's house and when he saw how famine had set up its throne there, he went back and returned with a wagon full of supplies with which he drove famine from their hearth. Frya's maidens had been around him and wrote his deed in the Eternal Book while erasing all his flaws. It was reported to the honorable mother and she announced it throughout the whole land.

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