[6. Yule, Script, Numbers]

[1] THÀT HÍR VNDE STAT IS INUT THA WÀGAR THÉRE WÁRA.BURGH WRITEN. The following was inscribed on the walls of Treasureburg:
WRALDA / T.ANFANG / T.BIJIN [see original]
Wralda ~ the Potential ~ the Beginning
HWÀT HIR BOPPA STÀT SIND THI TÉKNA FON [10] THÀT JOL. THAT IS THÀT FORMA SINNEBILD WR.ALDA.S. AK FON T.ÁNFANG JEFTHA T.BIJIN WÉRUT TID KÉM. THÀT IS THENE KRODER THÉR ÉVG MITH THÀT JOL MOT OMMEHLÁPE. Depicted above are the signs of the Yule, which is the primal symbol of Wralda and of the potential or the beginning from which time came; the Carrier that must forever go around with the Yule.
THANA HETH FRYA THAT STAND SKRIFT MAKAD THAT HJA BRUKTE TO HJRA [15] TEX. THÁ FÀSTA ÉRE.MODER WÉRE HETH HJU.R THÀT RUN JEFTHA HLAPANDE SKRIFT FON MAKAD. THER WITKÉNING. THÀT IS SÉKÉNING. GODFRÉJATH. THENE ALDA. HETH THÉR ASVNDERGANA TELNOMAR FON MAKAD FÁR STAND ÀND [20] RUNSKRIFT BÉDE. Frya based the Standscript on it, that she used to write her Tex. From this, Festa made the continuous Runscript, when she was the honored mother. The ‘witkeaning’ — that is: sea king — Godfreyath the Old made separate counting numbers based on the Yule, for both the Standscript and the Runscript.
T.IS HÉRVMBE NAVT TO DROK THAT WI.R JÉRLIKS ÉNIS FÉST VR FÍRJA. WY MÜGON WRALDA ÉVG THANK TOWYA THÀT HI SIN GÁST SA HERDE. INVR VSA ÉTHLA HETH FÁRA LÉTA. Therefore, it is well justified that we celebrate it once a year. We may dedicate eternal gratitude to Wralda for imbuing our ancestors with so much inspiration.
VNDER HIRA TID HETH FINDA AK EN SKRIFT [25] UTFVNDEN. MEN THAT WÉRE SA HÁGFÁRANDE ÀND FVL MITH FRISLA ÀND KROLUM THAT THA ÀFTERKVMANDA THÉROF THJU BITJVDNESE RING VRLÉREN HÀVE. In her time, Finda also designed a script, but it was so pompous and full of flourishes and curls that her descendants soon lost the meaning of it.
ÀFTERNÉI HÀVON HJA VS SKRIFT LÉRED BINOMA THA FINNA. [30] THA THYRJAR ÀND THA KRÉKA.LANDAR. MEN HJA NISTON NAVT GOD THAT ET FON ET JOL MAKAD WAS ÀND THAT.ET THÉRUMBE ALTID SKRÉVEN They later learned our script — specifically the Finns, the Tyrians and the Greeks — but they were not well aware that it was based on the Yule and therefore always

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