[1] THÉR ALSA FIN VP THAT WI THÉR BI ÀFTER STÁNE. FORTH NE SEND HJA NAVT TO BINYDANE. HWAND HJA SEND SLÁVONA FON THA PRESTERUM AND JETA FÜL ÀRGER FON HJARA MÉNINGA. much more ‘fine’ or formal than ours. They are not to be envied, however, because they are slaves of the priests and — much worse — to their creeds.
HJA [5] MÉNATH THAT ELLA FVL KVADA GÁSTON IS. THÉR INDA MÀNNISKA ÀND DJARA GLUPPE. MEN FON WR.ALDA.S GÁST NÉTON HJA NAWET. HJA HÀVATH STÉNE WÉPNE. THA MÁGJARA KÁPRA. THA MÁGJARA TELLATH [10] THAT HJA THA ÀRGE GÁSTON BANNA ÀND VRBANNA MÜGON. THÉR.VR IS.T FOLK ÔLAN IN ÀNGE FRÉSE ÀND VPPERA WÉSA NIS NINMER NÉN BLÍDSKIP TO BISJAN. THA HJA GOD SÉTEN WÉRON SOCHTON [15] THA MAGJARA ÁTHSKIP BI VS. HJA BOGADON VP VSA TÁL ÀND SÉDUM. VP VS FJA ÀND VPPA VS ÍSERE WÉPNE. THÉR HJA GÉRN TOFORI HJARA GOLDUN ÀND SULVERE SÍRHÉDUM WANDELA WILDE. [20] ÀND HJARA TJOTH HILDON HJA IMMERTHE BINNA THA PÉLON. MEN THAT VRSKALKTON VSA WÁKENDOM. They believe that evil spirits are everywhere and enter into people and animals, but of Wralda's spirit they know nothing. The Finns have stone weapons: the weapons of the Magyars are of copper. The Magyars claim that they can ban and banish the evil spirits. The Finns are always in fear because of this, and their faces never show signs of joy. When they were well settled, the Magyars sought our alliance. They praised our language and customs, our cattle and iron weapons, which they were eager to exchange with their gold and silver ornaments, and they always kept their populace within their boundaries. That, however, made us complacent.(3)
ACHTTANTICH JÉR FORTHER. JUST WÉRET JOL.FÉRSTE. THÉR KÉMON HJA VNWARLINGE LIK SNÉI THRVCH [25] STORNE.WIND DRÉWEN OVIR VSA LANDA TO RUNNANDE. THÉR NAVT FLÍA MACHTON WRDON VRDÉN. FRYA WÀRTH AN­HROPEN. MEN THA SKÉN.LANDAR HÉDON HJRA RÉD WARLÁSED. THÁ WRDON [30] KRAFTA SAMLATH. THRI PÉLUN FON GODA.HIS BURCH WRDON HJA WITHER STONDEN. THA ORLOCH BILÉV. Eighty years later — the Yulefeast had just begun — they unexpectedly and like a blizzard covered our lands. Those who could not flee were killed. Frya was called upon, but the Skeanlanders had neglected her advice. Then forces were gathered. Three poles from Godaburg the Magyars were stopped, but war continued.
KÁT Kate,

(3) ‘made us complacent’ — lit.: ‘devoured our vigilance’.

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