[1] JEFTA KÁTER.INNE ALSA HÉTE THJU FÁM THÉR BURCH.FÁM TO GODA.BURCH WAS. KÁT WAS STOLTE ÀND HÁCH.FÁRANDE THÉRVMBE NE LÉT HJU NÉN RÉD NI FOLLISTAR [5] ANDA MODER NE FRÉJA. MEN THÁ THA BURCH.HÉRA THAT FÁTA. THÁ SVNDON HJA SELVA BODON NÉI TEXLÁND NÉI THÉRE MODER THÁ. MINNA ALSA WAS THÉRE MODER.IS NÔME. LÉT ÁLA THA STJÛRAR [10] MÁNJA ÀND ÁLET ÔTHERA JONGK.FOLK FON ÁST.FLÍ.LAND ÀND FON THA DÉNNE­MARKUM. or Katherine, was the name of the burg maiden at Godaburg. Kate was proud and haughty, which kept her from asking the mother for advice or assistance. When the burg lords realized this, however, they themselves sent messengers to the mother at Texland. Minna, as the mother was called, summoned all steersmen and the other young folk of East Fleeland and the Denmarks.

[8b1. Wodin and the Magus]
UT THESSE TOCHTE IS THJU SKÉDNESE FON WODIN BERN SA.R VPPA BURGUM WRITEN IS ÀND HIR ESKRÉVEN. From this expedition the history of Wodin was born, just as it was inscribed at the burgs and written here.
[15] ANDA ALDER.GÁ.MVDE THÉR RESTE EN ALDE SÉ.KÀNING. STERIK WAS SIN NÔME AND THA HROP VR SINA DÉDA WAS GRÁT. THISSE ALDE ROB HÉDE THRÉ NÉVA. WODIN THENE ALDESTE HÉMDE TO LUMKA.MÁKIA BY THÉRE [20] É.MVDE TO ÁST.FLÍ.LAND BY SIN ELDRUM T.ÛS. ÉNES WAS.ER HÉRMAN WÉST. TÜNIS ÀND INKA WÉRON SÉKÀMPAR ÀND JUST NW BI HJARA FÀDERJA ANDA ALDER.GÁ.MVDE T.US. AS THA JONGA KÀMPAR NW BI [25] EKKORUM KÉMON KÉRON HJA WODIN TO HJARA HÉR.MAN JEFTA KÀNING UT. ÀND THA SÉ.KÀMPAR KÉRON TÜNIS TO.RA SÉ.KÀNING ÀND INKA TO HJARA SKELTA BI THÉR NACHT. THA STJURAR GVNGON [30] THÁ NÉI THA DÉNNA.MARKA FÁRA. THÉR NÁMON HJA WODIN MITH SIN WIGANDLIKA LAND.WÉR IN.WIND WAS RUM At the Aldergamouth, a former sea king rested. Sterik was his name and the fame of his deeds was great. This old sea dog had three young kinsmen: Wodin, the eldest, lived at Lumkamakia near the Eamouth in East Fleeland with his parents. He had once been army leader; Tunis and Inka were sea warriors and at the time they were staying in the home of their father's brother at the Aldergamouth. When the young warriors had assembled, they chose Wodin as their army leader or king. The sea warriors chose Tunis as their sea king and Inka as their deputy-by-night. The navy then sailed to the Denmarks, where they took on board Wodin and his brave army. The wind was fair

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