[1] ÀND ALSA WÉRON HJA AN EN ÁMERING TO SKÉN.LAND. THÁ THA NORTHESKA BROTHAR RA SELVA BY.M FOGATH HÉDE. DÉLDE WODAN SIN WELDICH HÉR AN THRI WIGA. FRYA WAS HJARA [5] WÉPEN HROP ÀND SÁ HI BÀK.WARD SLOCH. THA FINNA ÀND MAGJARA AS OF ET BÀRN WÉRON. and so they shortly arrived in Skeanland. When the brothers of the north had joined him, Wodin divided his powerful army into three. ‘Frya!’ was their war cry, and he thus drove back the Finns and Magyars as if they were children.
THÁ THENE MÁGÍ FORNÔM HO SIN LJVD AL OMBROCHT WRDON. THÁ SAND HI BODON MITH STÀF ÀND KRONE. HJA SÉIDON TO WODIN. O. THV ALRA.­GRÁ­TESTE [10] THÉRA KÀNINGGAR. WI SEND SKELDICH THACH AL HWAT WI DÉN HÀVE IS UT NÉD DÉN. JE MÉNE THAT WI JVW BROTHAR WILLENKLIK ANFAT HÀVE. MEN WI SEND THRVCH VSA FIANDA FORTH.FÉTERETH ÀND THI ALLE SEND VS [15] JETA VPPA HAKKA. WI HÀVATH OFTEN HELPE AN THINRE BURCH.­FÁM FRÉJATH. MEN HJA NETH VS NAVT NE MELD. THENE MÁGÍ SÉITH SAHWER­SA WI EKKÔRUM TO THA HÀLTE VRDVA SÁ SKILUN THA WILDA SKET.HÀRDAR KÉMON [20] ÀND VS ALGÁDUR VRDVA. THENE MÁGÍ HETH FÜL RIKDOM. MEN HI HETH SJAN THAT FRYA WELDIGER IS AS AL VSA GÁSTON ET SÉMINE. HI WIL SIN HÁVED IN HIRA SKÁT DEL LEDSA. THV BIST THENE WIGANDLIKSTE KÀNING JRTHA.S [25] THIN FOLK IS FON ÍSER WARTH VSA KÀNING ÀND WI ALLA WILLATH THIN SLÁVONA WÉSA. HWAT SKOLDE THAT ÉR.RIK FÁRI WÉSA ASTE THA WILDA WITHER TOBÀK DRIWA KOSTE. VSA SÉFÍRA SKOLDET ROND.BLÉSA AND [30] VSA MÁRA SKOLDON JV VRAL FÁRUT GÁ. When the magus heard how his men were all being slain, he sent messengers with scepter and crown. They said to Wodin: ‘O you, greatest of all kings! We are guilty, but all that we have done was done from necessity. You think that we took on your brothers willingly, but we were whipped forth by our enemies, who are still at our heels. We often asked your burg maiden for help, but she ignored us. The magus says that if we kill half our numbers in fighting with each other, the wild herdsmen will come and kill us off completely. The magus possesses great riches, but he has seen that Frya is more powerful than all our spirits combined. He will lay down his head in her lap. You are the most heroic king on earth, your folk are of iron. Become our king, and we shall willingly be your slaves. What honor it would be for you if you could drive back the savages! Our trumpets would resound with it and our praises would precede you everywhere.’
WODIN WAS STERIK WOST ÀND WIGANDLIK MEN HI NAS NAVT Wodin was strong, fierce and heroic, but he was not

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