KLÁR.SJANDE. [1] THÉRTHRVCH WÀRTH.I IN HJARA MÉRA FVNGEN ÀND THRVCH THENE MÁGÍ KRONETH. RJU FÉLO STJÛRAR ÀND LAND WÉRAR THAM THISSE KÉR NAVT NE SINDE. BRÛDON STOLKES HINNE KÁT MITH [5] NÉMANDE. MEN KÁT THÉR NAVT TOFÁRA THÉRE MODER NER TOFÁRA THÉRE MÉNA ACHT FOR­SKINE NILDE. JOMPADE WR BORD. THÁ KÉM STORNE.WIND ÀND FÉTERE THA SKÉPA VPPA SKORRA FONNA DÉNE.MARKUM DEL SVNDER [10] ENKEL MÀN TO MISTANE. ÀFTERNÉI HÀVON HJA THA STRÉT KÁT.S.GAT HÉTEN. clear-sighted. Therefore, he was caught in their trap and crowned by the magus. Quite a lot of steersmen and land warriors who disapproved of this turn left quietly, taking Kate with them. But Kate, who did not wish to appear before either the mother or the general assembly, jumped overboard. Then a storm arose and lashed the ships down upon the banks of the Denmarks, not sparing a single man. Later, this strait was named Kate's Gate.
THÁ WODIN KRONED WAS GVNG.ER VPPA WILDA LÔS. THI WÉRON AL RUTAR. LIK EN HÉJEL.BUJE KÉMON HJA AJN WODIN.IS HÉR. MEN LIK EN TWÍRNE.­WIND [15] WENDON HJA OMME ÀND NE THVRADON N.A WITHER FORSKINA. AS WODIN NW TOBÀK KÉM JAV THENE MÁGÍ HIM SIN TOGHATER TO.N WIF. ÀFTER­NÉI WÀRTH.I MITH KRÛDON BIREKAD. MEN THÉR WÉRON TÁWER.­KRÛDON [20] MONG. HWAND WODIN WARTH BI GRÁDUM ALSA SÉR VRMÉTEN. THAT.I FRYA ÀND WR.ALDAS GÁST MIS.KÀNA ÀND SPOTA THVRADE. THAWÍLA HI SIN FRYA HALS BOG TOFARA FALSKA DROCHTEN.LIKANDE [25] BYLDUM. After Wodin was crowned, he attacked the savages. They were all horsemen and charged down on Wodin's troops like a hailstorm, but like a whirlwind they turned back and did not dare to appear again. When Wodin returned, the magus gave him his daughter as a wife. He then was incensed with herbs. However, among them were magic herbs, and gradually Wodin became so audacious, that he dared to disavow and ridicule Frya and Wralda's spirit, while he bent his free neck before images of false gods.
SIN RIK HILDE SJVGUN JÉR THÁ VRDWIND.ER. THENE MÁGI SÉIDE THAT.ER EMONG HJARA GODON VPNIMETH WÉRE. ÀND THAT HI FON THÉR OVER HJAM WELDA. MEN VS FOLK LAKTON VMBE SIN TÁL. His reign lasted seven years, and then he disappeared. The magus said that he had been accepted among their gods, and that he ruled them from there, but our folk laughed at his words.
[30] THA WODIN EN STÛT WÉI WÉST HÉDE KÉM THÉR TWISPALT. WI WILDON EN ÔRA KÀNING KJASA. MEN THAT NILDE THENE MAGÍ When Wodin had been gone for some time, disputes arose. We wished to choose another king, but the magus would not allow it.

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