[1] NAVT NE HEN'GJA. HI WÉRDE THAT ET EN RJUCHT WÉRE. HIM THRVCH SINA DROCHTNE JÉVEN. BUTA ÀND BIHALVA THISSA TWIST. SA WAS THÉR JET.ÉN EMONG SIN MAGJARA ÀND [5] FINNA. THÉR FRYA NER WODIN ÉRA NAVT NILDE. MEN THI MÁGÍ DÉDE AS.T IM SINDE HWAND SIN TOGHATER HÉDE EN SVN BI WODIN WVNEN. ÀND NW WILDE THENE MÁGÍ THAT THISSE FON EN HÁGE KOM.OF [10] WÉSA SKOLDE. THAHWÍLA ALLE SÁNADE ÀND TWISTA. KRÔNADE HI THENE KNÁP TO KÀNING ÀND STÀLADE HIN SELS AS FOGED ÀND FORA.MOND JEFTA RÉD.JÉVAR AN. THÉRA THÉR MÁR HILDON FON HJARA [15] BALG AS FON THÀT RJUCHT. THAM LÉTON HINI BIDOBBA. MEN THA GODA BRÛDON WÉI. FÉLO MÁGJARA FLODON MITH HJARA LJVDA BÀKWARD. ÀND THA STJURAR GVNGON TO SKIP ÀND EN HÉR FON DRISTA [20] FINNA GVNGON AS ROJAR MITHA. He claimed that it was his right, given him by his gods. Besides this dispute, there was yet another one among his own people, the Magyars and Finns, who would honor neither Frya nor Wodin. The magus, however, did as it pleased him, because his daughter had born a son by Wodin, and the magus now declared this son to be of high descent. While all were nagging and quarreling, he crowned the boy as king, and installed himself as his guardian, representative and counselor. Those who valued feasting above justice let him win them over, but the good men took their departure. Many Magyars fled back with their troops and the steersmen took ship, accompanied by an army of daring Finns as rowers.

[8b2. Tunis and Inka Depart]
NW KVMATH THA SKÉDNESE FON NÉF.TÜNIS ÀND SIN NÉF INKA ÉROST RJUCHT VPPET PAT. Now the history of Nef-Tunis and his ‘nef’ or kinsman Inka really starts.
THIT ELLA STÉT NAVT ALLÉNA VPPER [25] WARA.BURGH MEN ÁK TO THÉRE BURCH STAVJA THÉR IS LIDSEN ÀFTERE HAVA FON STÁVRE. All this is inscribed not only on the Treasureburg, but also at the burg Stavia, which lies inland from the port of Staveren.
THA TÜNIS MITH SINUM SKÉPUM TO HONK KÉRA WILDE GVNG.I. THET FORMA VPPA [30] DÉNNE MARKA OF. MEN HI NE MACHT THÉR NAVT NE LANDA. THAT HÉDE THJU MODER BISJOWATH. When Tunis wished to return home with his ships, he went first towards the Denmarks, but he was not allowed to land there. The mother had signaled that with flags.

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