[1] BI THÉRE SÛDER.RÉN.MVDA ÀND THÉRE SKELDA. THÉR SEND SJUGUN À.LANDA. NÔMATH NÉI FRYA.S SIVGUN WÁK.FÁMKES THERE WÉK. MIDDEL VPPET ÉNE À.LAND IS THJU BURCH. [5] WALHALLAGÁRA. INUT THA WÁGRUM THÉRA IS THJU FOLGJANDE SKÉDNESSE WRITEN. THÉR BVPPA STÉT. LÉS. LÉR ÀND WÁK. Near the southern mouth of the Rhine and the Scheldt there are seven islands, named after Frya's seven watch maidens of the week. In the middle of one island is the burg Walhallagara. On its walls, the following history is inscribed. It starts with: ‘Read, learn and keep watch.’
563 [FIF.HVNDRED ÁND THRÉ.ÀND.SEXTICH] JÉR NÉI ALD.LAND SVNKEN IS. SAT HIR EN WITE BURCH.FÁM. MIN.ERVA [10] WAS HIRA NÔMA. THRVCH THA STJÛRAR NY.HEL.LÉNJA TONÔMATH. THIS TONÔMA WAS GOD KÉREN. HWAND THA RÉD THÉR HJU LÉNADE WAS NY ÀND HEL BVPPA ALLE ÔTHERUM. OVERA SKELDA ETÉRE FLÍ.BURCH [15] SAT SÍRHÉD. THJUS FÁM WAS FVL RENKA. SKÉN WAS R.ANHLITH ÀND KWIK WAS HJRA TVNGE MEN THI RÉD THÉR HJU JEF WAS IMMER IN THJÛSTERE WORDE. THÉRVMBE WARTH HJU THRVCH THA STJÛRAR KÀLTA HÉTEN. THA [20] LAND.SÁTA MÉNADON THAT ET EN ÉRNÔMA WÉRE. Five hundred and sixty-three years after Aldland sank [ca. 1630 BCE], a wise and witty burg maiden had her seat here. Minerva was her name, nicknamed by the steersmen Nyhellenia. This epithet was well chosen, because the advice she lent (‘lenade’) was new (‘ny’) and bright (‘hel’), superior to all other. Over the Scheldt at Fleeburg, Syrhed had her seat. This maiden was a trickster. Her face was pretty and her tongue was quick, but the advice she gave was always in obscure words. There­fore, the steersmen called her Kelta (‘chatter’), although this was interpreted as an honorary name by the landsmen.
INNA ÛTROSTE WILLE THÉRE VRSTURVENE MODER. STAND RÔSA.MVDA THET FORMA MIN.ERVA THET TWÉDE ÀND SÍRHÉD THET THREDDE AS FOLGSTERE [25] BISKRÉVEN. MIN.ERVA NÉDE THÉR NÉN WIT FON. MEN SÍRHÉD WAS.ER THRVCH KNAKED. LIK EN WR.LANDESKE FORSTINE WILDE HJU ÉRATH FRÉSATH ÀND BÉDEN WÉSA. MEN MIN.ERVA WILDE ENKEL MINT WÉSA. [30] TO THA LESTA KÉMON ALLE STJÛRAR HJRI HJARA HELD BJADA SELVA FON THA DENA.MARKA ÀND FON.T FLÍMÀR. THAT WNDE SÍRHÉD In the last will of the deceased mother, Rosemouth was named first, Minerva second, and Syrhed third in line as successors. Minerva thought nothing of it, but Syrhed was offended. Like a foreign princess, she wanted to be honored, feared and worshiped. Minerva, however, only wanted to be loved, and eventually all steersmen came to pay her their respects, even from as far as the Denmarks and the Flee Lake. That wounded Syrhed,

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