[1] HWAND HJU WILDE BVPPA MIN.ERVA ÛTMINTHJA. TILTHJU MÀN EN GRÁTE THÀNK OVIR HJRA WÁKENDÛM HÀVA SKOLDE. MÍK HJU ENNEN HÔNA VPPER FÁNE. THÁ GVNG MIN.ERVA [5] TO ÀND MÍK EN HÀRDER.HVND ÀND EN NACHT.UL INVPPIRA FÁNE. THENE HVND SÉIDE HJU WÁKTH OVIR SIN HÉR ÀND OVIRA KIDDA ÀND THENE NACHT.UL WÁKTH OVIRA FJELDA TILTHJU HJA THRVCH THA MUSA NAVT [10] VRDÉN NE WRDE. MEN THENE HÔNA NETH FAR NIMMAN FRJUND­SKIP. ÀND THRVCH SIN VNTOCHT ÀND HÁCH.FÁRENHÉD. IS ER VAKEN THENE BÁNA SINRA NÉISTA SIBBA WRDEN. because she wanted to excel Minerva. In order to advertise her vigilance, she depicted a rooster on her banner. Minerva responded by depicting a herding dog and an owl on hers. ‘The dog’, she said, ‘watches over his owner and the herd, and the owl watches over the field, to keep it from being devastated by mice. The rooster, however, has no friendship for anyone, and his lechery and cockiness has often made him kill his nearest relatives.’
AS KÀLTA SACH THÀT ER WÀRK FALIKANT [15] UT KÉM. TO GVNG HJU FON KWAD TO ÀRGER. STOLKES LÉT HJU MÁGJARA TO HJRI KVMA VMBE TÁWERY TO LÁRANE. AS HJU THÉR HJRA NOCHT FON HÉDE WERPTE HJU HJRA SELVA ANDA ÀRMA THÉRA [20] GOLUM. THACH FON AL THI MISDÉDON NE MACHT HJU NAVT BÉTRE NE WRDE AS HJU SACH THAT THA STJURAR MÁR ÀND MÁR FON JRI WÉKE THA WILDE HJU RA THRVCH FRÉSE WINNA. WAS [25] THA MÔNE FVL ÀND THENE SÉ VNSTUMICH THAN HLIP HJU OVER ET WILDE HEF. THA STJURAR TO HROPANDE THAT HJA ALLE SKOLDE VRGÁN SAHWERSA HJA HJRI NAVT ANBIDDA NILDE. FORTH VRBLINDE [30] HJU HJRA ÁGUN HWÉRTHRVCH HJA WÉTER FORI LAND ÀND LAND FORI WÉTER HILDON. THÉRTHRVCH IS MÁNI SKIP VRGVNGEN When Kelta saw that her scheme failed, she went from bad to worse. She secretly invited Magyars to come and teach sorcery, and when she thought she had learned enough from them, she threw herself into the arms of the Gols. All these misdeeds did not improve her position though. When she realized that the steersmen shunned her ever more, she tried to win them back through fear. At full moon, when the sea was stormy, she walked the wild waves, shouting at the steersmen that they would all perish if they did not worship her. She also blinded their eyes so that they mistook land for water and water for land, causing many a ship to be lost
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