[1] MITH MÀN ÀND MÛS. with crew and cargo.(1)
VPPET FORMA WÉRFÉSTE THA AL HJRA LANDSÁTA WÉPNED WÉRON LÉT HJU BÀRGA BJAR SKÀNKA. IN THÀT BJAR HÉDE HJU TÁWER.DRANK DÉN. AS ET FOLK [5] NV ALGÁDUR DRONKEN WÉRE GVNG HJU BVPPEN VP HJRA STRID.HROS STANDA. TO LÉNANDE MITH HIRA HOLE TOJENST HJRA SPÉRI. MÔRNE.RÁD NE KV NAVT SKÉNER. THA HJA SACH THAT ALLE ÔGON VPPER FÀSTIGATH [10] WÉRON. ÉPENDE HJU HIRA WÉRA ÀND KÉTH. At the first war feast that followed, when all her landsmen were armed, she brought barrels of beer, to which she had added a magic potion. When the folk was altogether drunk, she went standing on the back of her warhorse, leaning her head upon her spear. The red of dawn could not have been more beautiful. When she saw that all eyes were fixed upon her, she opened her lips and spoke:
SVNUM ÀND TOGHATRUM FRYA.S. I WÉT WEL THÀT WI INNA LERSTE TÍD FÜL LEK AND BREK LÉDEN HÀVE. THRVCHDAM THA STJÛRAR NAVT LÔNGER KVME VMB.VS SKRIF.FILT [15] TO VRSELLA. MEN J NÉTE NAVT HWÉRTHRVCH ET KVMEN IS. LÔNG HÀV IK MY THÉR VR INHALDEN THACH NV KÀN.K.ET NAVT LÔNGER ÔN. HARK THEN FRJUNDA TILTHJU I WÉTA MÜGE HWÉRNÉI J BITA.MÉI. ANDA [20] ÔRA SYDE THÉRE SKELDA HWÉR HJA TOMET THA FÉRT FON ALLE SÉA HÀVE THÉR MÁKATH HJA HJVD.DÉGON SKRIF.FILT FON POMPA.BLÉDAR THÉRMITH SPARATH HJA LINNENT UT ÀND KÀNATH HJA VS WEL [25] MISTE. NÉIDAM THÀT SKRIF.FILT MAKJA. NV ALTI VS GRÁTESTE BIDRIV WÉST.IS. SÁ HETH THJU MODER WILT THAT MÀN.ET VS LÉRA SKOLDE. MEN MIN.ERVA HETH AL.ET FOLK BIHEXNATH. [30] JES BIHEXNATH FRJUNDA. IVIN AS AL VS FJA THÀT LÀSTEN STURVEN IS. ER.UT MOT.ET. IK WIL THI TELLA. NAS.K.NÉN ‘Sons and daughters of Frya! As you well know, we have recently suffered much loss and misery since the steersmen no longer come to export our writing felt.(2) You do not know, however, how that came about. For a long time I have controlled myself, but I cannot bear it any longer. Hear, my friends, that you may know where to bite. On the other side of the Scheldt, where ships from almost all seas pass by, they currently make writing felt from waterlily leaves.(3) This way, they save linen and no longer need us. As the making of writing felt has always been our principal industry, the mother would have wanted us to learn the new craft too, but Minerva has hexed all the folk — yes hexed, my friends — just like all our cattle that died lately. It must be known and I will tell you this: if I was not a

(1) ‘crew and cargo’ — lit.: ‘man and mouse’.
(2) ‘writing felt’ (SKRIF.FILT) — ‘FILT’ may originally have not been exactly the same as ‘felt’; perhaps (also) linen.
(3) ‘water-lily leaves’ (POMPA.BLÉDAR) — Frisian: pompeblêden; might be related to the Old Frisian word for paper: pompier.

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