[1] GVNG. ÀND THÉR TO WITTERJELD THENE RÁDA.HÔNE AN STEK. to set it on fire out of revenge.
MEN THRVCH SIN SKELTA.BI.NACHT AND SVME SINRA LJUDUM. WÀRTH THJU FODDIK ÀND THA FÁMNA HRET. THACH SÍRHÉD JEFTA [5] KÀLTA NE MOCHTON HJA NAVT TO FÁTANE. HJU KLÍWDE VPPA UTROSTE TINNE. JAHWEDER TOCHTE THÀT HJU INNA LOGHA OMKVMA MOSTE. THA HWAT BÉRDE. DAHWILE AL HJRA LJUDA STÁK ÀND STIF FON SKRIK STANDON [10] KÉM HJU SKÉNER AS Á TOFORA VP HJRA KLEPPAR TO HROPANDE NÉI KÀLTA MIN.HIS. THA STRÁMA­DA THÀT OR.A SKELDA FOLK TO HÁPA. AS THA STJURA THAT SÁGON HRIPON HJA FÁR MIN.ERVA WY. EN ORLOCH IS THÉRUT KVMEN. [15] HWÉRTHRVCH THVSANDE FALLEN SEND. His deputy-by-night and some of his men, however, saved the lamp and the maidens. They could not catch Syrhed or Kelta, though. She climbed the furthest merlon, and everyone thought she would die in the flames, but what happened? While all her men stood frozen in fright, she appeared upon her steed more radiant than before, calling: ‘To Kelta, my people!’ Then the Over-Scheldt folk trooped together. When the steersmen saw that, they called: ‘We for Minerva!’ This resulted in a war in which thousands fell.
VNDER THESSE TIDON WAS RÔSA.MOND. THÀT IS RÔSA.MVDA. MODER. HJU HÉDE FÜL IN THÉRE MINNE DÉN. VMBE FRÉTHO TO WÁRJA. THACH NW.T ALSA ÀRG KÉM. MÍK HJU KIRTE MÉTE. [20] BISTONDA SAND HJU BODUN THRVCH THA LAND.PÁLA ÀND LÉT EN MÉNA NÉD.BAN UTKÈTHA. THÁ KÉMON THA LAND­WÉRAR UT ALLE WRDA WÉI. THÀT STRÍDANDE LAND.FOLK WÀRTH AL FAT. MEN JON BURCH HIN [25] SELVA MITH SIN LJUD VPPA SINA FLÁTE. MITH NEMAND BÉDA THA FODDIKA. BIJONKA MIN.ERVA ÀND THA FÁMNA FON BÉDAR BURGUM. At those times, Rosamond — that is Rosemouth — was mother. She had settled many conflicts amicably in order to keep the peace, but now that things had escalated so badly, she made short work of it. Immediately she sent messengers throughout all the districts to declare a state of emergency and the security forces gathered from all over. The fighting landsmen were all caught, but Jon secured himself and his men upon his fleet, taking both lamps with them, as well as Minerva and the maidens of both burgs.
HELP.RIK THENE HÉR.MAN LÉT.IM INBANNA. MEN THAHWILA ALLE WÉRAR JETA [30] O.RA SKELDA WÉRON. FOR JON TOBEK. NÉI.T.FLÍ.MAR ÀND FORTH WITTER NÉI VSA ÀLANDUM. SIN LJUD ÀND FÉLO FON VS FOLK Helprik, the army captain, ordered his arrest, but while all guards were still on the other side of the Scheldt, Jon sailed back to the Flee Lake and subsequently to our islands again. His men and many of our folk

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