[1] NAMON WIF ÀND BERN SKÉP. ÀND AS JON NW SACH THÀT MÀN HIN ÀND SIN LJUD LIK MISDÉDAR STRAFJA WILDE. BRUDON HI STOLKES HINNE. HI DÉDE RJUCHT. HWAND AL VSA ÀLANDAR [5] ÀND ALLE.T O.RA SKELDA FOLK THÉR FJUCHTEN HÉDON WRDON NÉI BRITTANJA BROCHT. THJUS STAP WAS MIS DÉN. HWAND NV KÉM.T.ANFANG FON THÀT ENDE. took women and children on board, and as Jon realized that he and his men would be punished like criminals, he left in silence. He did the right thing, because all our islanders and all the Over-Scheldt folk who had been fighting were banished to Britannia. This was a bad move, for now came the beginning of the end.

[9a3. Kelta and the Gols]
KÀLTA THÉR NÉI.T SEZE. ÉVEN.BLÍD VPPET WÉTER [10] AS VPPET LAND HLÁPA MACHTE. GVNG NÉI THA FÀSTA WÁL. ÀND FORTH VPPA MIS.SELLJA OF. THÁ KÉMON THA GOLA MITH HJARA SKÉPUM UT.A MIDDEL.SÉ KÁDIK BIFÁRA ÀND ÉL VS UTER.LAND. FORTH FÍLON HJA VP ÀND O.VER [15] BRITTANNJA THACH HJA NE MACHTON THÉR NÉN FÀSTA FOT NE KRÉJA. VMBE THÀT THA SJVRDA WELDICH ÀND THA BANNALINGA JETA FRYA.S WÉRON. MEN NV KÉM KÀLTA ÀNDE KÉTH. THV BIST FRY.BERN ÀND VMBE LITHA LÉKA HETH MÀN [20] THI TO VRWURPENE MÁKAD. NAVT VMBE THI TO BÉTERJA. MEN VMBE TIN TO WINNANDE THRVCH THINA HANDA. WILST WÉR FRY WÉSA ÀND VNDER MINA RÉD ÀND HODA LÉVA. TJAN UT THEN. WÉPNE SKILUN THI WRDA. ÀND IK [25] SKIL WÁKA O.ER THI. Kelta, who allegedly could walk as easily on water as on land, went to the mainland and on to Massilia. Then the Gols came with their ships, sailing from the Middle Sea to Kaedik (Gadir) and all of our outer lands. Next they overran Britannia, but they could not get a good foothold there, because the stewards had authority and the banished were still Fryas. But now Kelta came and spoke: ‘You were free-born, but for minor flaws they turned you into outcasts; not to better you, but to obtain tin through your hands. If you wish to be free again, and live under my counsel and care, then pull out! You will get weapons and I will watch over you.’
LIK BLIXEN.FJVR GVNG.ET O.ERA A.LANDA. ÀND ÉR THES KRODER.S JOL ÉNIS OMHLÁPEN HÉDE. WAS HJU MÁSTERINE OVER ALGADUR ÀND THA THÍRJAR FON AL VSA SUDER STÁTA TIL [30] THÉRE SÉJENE. VMBE THÀT KÀLTA HJRA SELVA NAVT TO FÜL BITROWADE. LÉT HJU INET NORTHLIKA BERCH.LAND ÉNE BURCH This went over the lands like lightning, and before the Carrier's Yule had made one turn, she was mistress over all of them and the Tyrians of all our southern states up to the Seine. Because Kelta did not feel secure enough, she had a burg built in the northern mountainous land,

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