[1] THI KÀNING WAS FON TÜNIS OFSTAMED. SÁ WI LÉTER HÉRDON. MEN TILTHJU THA PRESTERA EN KÀNING WILDE HÀVE THÉR ALDERLANGNE NÉI HJARA BIGRIP WÉRE ALSA HÉDE HJA TÜNIS [5] TO EN GODE VPHÉJAD. TO ÀRGNISSE SINRA FOLGAR. The king was a descendant of Tunis, as we heard later, but since the priests wanted to have a king who was entirely under their control, they had elevated Tunis to a god, to the annoyance of his followers.
AS HJA NV THÍR ÀFTER BEK WÉRE. KÉMON THA THÍRJAR EN SKIP UTA ÀFTE.­HODA RÁWA. NÉIDAM THAT SKIP TO FÉR WAS KVNDON WI.T.NAVT WITTER.­WINA. MEN JON SWOR WRÉKA THÉRVR. [10] THÁ NACHT KÉM KÉRDE JON NÉI THA FÉRE KRÉKALANDUM. TO LESTEN KÉMON HJA BY EN LAND THÀT BJUSTRE SKRÍL UT.SA. MEN HJA FONDON THÉR EN HAVES MVDA. HIR SÉIDE MIN.ERVA SKIL BY SKIN NÉN FRÉSE TOFARA FORSTUM [15] NACH PRESTERUM NÉDICH WÉSA NÉIDAM HJA ALGADUR FETA ETTA MINNA. THACH THÁ HJA INNER HAVE HLIPON FONTH MÀN HJA NAVT RUM NOCH VMBE ALLE SKÉPA TO BISLÛTA. ÀND THACH WÉRON MÉST ALLE [20] TO LOF VMBE WIDER TO GANE. When they had thus left Tyre, the Tyrians came and seized one of the rearmost ships. As the ship was too far behind, we could not get it back again, but Jon swore to take revenge. By nightfall, Jon set course for the distant Greeklands. At last they arrived at a land that seemed very barren, but they found the entrance to a port there. ‘Here’, Minerva said, ‘we might not have to fear princes or priests, for they are only interested in rich fat lands.’ When they entered the haven though, it turned out to be too small for all the ships, but almost all crew members were too tired to set sail again.
ALSA GVNG JON THÉR FORTH WILDE MITH SIN SPÉR ÀND FÔNE THAT JONGK.FOLK TO HROPANDE HWA WILLINGLIK BI.M SKÁRA WILDE. MIN.ERVA THÉR BILIWA WILDE DÉDE ALSA. [25] THAT GRÁTESTE DÉL GVNG NÉI MIN.ERVA MEN THA JONGGOSTE STJURAR GVNGON BI JON. JON NAM THÉRE FODDIK FON KÀLTA ÀND HJRA FÁMNA MITHA. ÀND MIN.ERVA HILD HJRA AJN FODDIK ÀND HJRA AJN FÁMNA. [30] BITWISKA THA FÉRUM ÀND HEINDA.KRÉKA.LANDUM FAND JON SVMA É.LANDA THÉR IM LIKTE. VPPET GRÁTESTE GVNG.ER Then Jon, who wanted to go on, went with his spear and banner, calling the young folk that would volunteer to join him. Minerva who wanted to stay there, did likewise. The majority joined Minerva, but the youngest steersmen went to Jon. Jon took Kelta's lamp and maidens with him, and Minerva kept her own lamp and maidens. Between the distant and the near Greeklands, Jon found some islands that pleased him. On the largest he

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