[1] INNA THA WALDA TWISK THÀT BERCHTA EN BURCH BVWA. FONUTA LITHA É.LANDA GVNGER UT WRÉKA THA THÍRJAR SKÉPA AND LANDA BIRÁWA. THÉRVMBE SEND THA É.LANDA EVIN [5] BLÍD RÁWER É.LANDA AS JON.HIS É.LANDA HÉTEN. built a burg in the woods between the mountains. From the small islands, he went plundering Tyrian ships and lands, out of revenge. Therefore, the islands are called both Pirates' Islands and Jon's (Ionian) Islands.
THA MIN.ERVA THAT LAND BISJAN HÉDE. THAT THRVCH THA INHÉMAR ATTIKA IS KÉTHEN. SACH HJU THAT THÀT FOLK AL JÉITA HODER WÉRON. HJA HILDON HJARA LIF [10] MITH FLESK. KRÛDUM. WILDE.WOTELUM ÀND HVNING. HJA WÉRON MITH FELUM TEKAD ÀND HJU HÉDON HJARA SKULA VPPA HELLINGA THÉRA BERGUM THÉRTHRVCH SEND HJA THRVCH VS FOLK HELLINGGAR HÉTEN. THÀT FORMA [15] GVNGON HJA VPPE RUN. THA AS HJA SÁGON THAT WI NAVT NE TÁLDON NÉI HJARA SKÀT. THÁ KÉMON HJA TOBEK ÀND LÉTON GRÁTE ÁTHSKIP BLIKA. MIN.ERVA FRÉJDE JEF WI VS IN THÉRE MINNA MACHTE NITHER SETTA. [20] THAT WRDE TO STADEN VNDER BIDING THA WI SKOLDE HELPA HJAM WITH HJARA SWETSAR TO STRIDANDE. THÉR ALAN KÉMON HJARA BERN TO SKÁKANA ÀND HJARA SKÀT TO RAWANA. When Minerva explored the land which is called Attica by the inhabitants, she noticed that all the folk were goat herders, who lived on meat, herbs, wild roots and honey. They were covered with skins and had their shelters on the slopes — or ‘hellings’ — of the mountains. Therefore, they were called Hellingers (Hellenes) by our folk. At first they ran away, but when they saw that we were not after their possessions, they came back and showed a great willingness to become our allies. Minerva asked if we could settle there in peace. That was permitted on condition that we would help them combat their neighbors, who regularly came to kidnap their children and rob their possessions.
THÁ BVWADON WI ÉNE BURCH [25] ARHALF PÁL FON THÉR HÁVE. VPPA RÉD MIN.ERVA.S WÀRTH HJU ÁTHENJA HÉTEN. HWAND SÉIDE HJU. THA AFTER.­KVMAND AGON TO WÉTANE. THAT WI HIR NAVT THRVCH LEST NER WELD KVMEN SEND. MEN LIK ÁTHA VNTFONGEN. [30] DAHWILE WI AN THÉRE BURCH WROCHTON. KÉMON THA FORSTA. AS HJA NV SAGON THAT WI NÉN SLÁVONA HÉDE. SINDER SOK NAVT. ÀND LÉTON.T. Then we built a burg at one and a half pole distance from the harbor. On Minerva's advice, it was called Athenia, ‘because’, she said, ‘those who come after us must know that we did not come here by cunning or violence, but were received as allies or “atha”.’ While we were building the burg, the princes came along, and when they saw that we had no slaves, they were displeased about it, which they made

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