[1] AN MIN.ERVA BLIKA. TILTHJU HJA TOCHTON THAT EN FORSTENE WÉRE. MEN MIN.ERVA FRÉJA HO BIST WEL AN THINA SLÁVONA KVMEN. HJA ANDERE. SVME HÀVATH WI KÁPAD. ÔRA ANNA STRID WNNEN. [5] MIN.ERVA SÉIDE. SÁHWERSA NINMAN MÀNNESKA KÁPJA NILDA SÁ NE SKOLDE NINMAN JVW BERN RÁWA ÀND J NE SKOLDE THÉRVR NÉN ORLOCH HÀVE. WILST THUS VSA HARLINGA BILIWA. SÁ MOT.I THINA SLÁVONA FRY LÉTA. THAT NV WILLATH [10] THA FORSTA NAVT. HJA WILLATH VS WÉI DRIWA. MEN THA KLOKESTE HJARAR LJUDA KVMATH HELPA VSA BURCH TO BVWANDE THÉR WI NV FON STÉN MÁKJA. clear to Minerva, as they thought she was a princess. Minerva, however, asked: ‘How did you get your slaves then?’ They answered: ‘We bought some and won others from conflict.’ Minerva said: ‘If no one would buy people, no one would steal your children, and you would have no wars about it. If you thus wish to remain our allies, you must set your slaves free.’ The princes refused and wanted to drive us away, but the cleverest of their people came to help us build our burg, which we now decided to make of stone.
THIT IS THJU SKÉDNESSE FON JON ÀND FON MINERVA. This was the history of Jon and Minerva.
AS HJA THAT NW ELLA [15] TELLAD HÉDE. FRÉJATH HJA MITH ÉR.BJADENESSE VM ÍSERNE.BURCHWÉPNE HWAND SÉIDON HJA VSA LÉTHA SEND WELDICH THA SA WI EFTA WÉPNE HÀVE SKILLON WI RA WEL WITHER.WORDA. AS HJU THÉR AN TOSTEMAD HÉDE [20] FRÉJATH THA LJUDA JEFTHA FRYA.S SÉDA TO ÁTHENJA ÀND THA ÔRA KRÉKALANDA BLOJA SKOLDE. THJU MODER ANDERE. JEF THA FÉRE KRÉKALANDA TO THA ERVA FRYA.S HÉRA. ALSA SKILUN HJA THÉR BLOJA. NE HÉRATH HJA [25] NAVT THÉR TO. ALSÁ SKIL THÉR LANG OVER KÀMPAD WRDA MOTA. HWAND THENE KRODER SKIL JETA FIF.THUSAND. JÉR MITH SIN JOL OMME.HLÁPA BIFARA THÀT FINDA.S.FOLK RIP TOFARA FRYDOM SY. When they had narrated all this,(2) they respectfully asked for iron burg weapons, ‘because’, they said, ‘our enemies are powerful, but if we have proper weapons, we can withstand them.’ When this had been agreed to, the people asked if Frya's morals would flourish in Athenia and the other Greeklands. The mother answered: ‘If the far Greeklands belong to Frya's heritage, they will flourish there; but if they do not, there will have to be fights over them for a long time, because the Carrier shall have to go around with the Yule for five thousand years before Finda's folk will be ripe for freedom.’

(2) ‘they’ — the people from the ships that had sailed into the Flee Lake.

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