UT.TOCHTE [1] HÁ. MITH AL HJRA DRÍWANDE AND BÉRANDE HÀVA. HJRA FOLGAR ALSA FÜL. THA WISTA THÉRA BURCH.HÉRUM ÉL GOD SIANDE THAT HJA THA BURCH NAVT HALDA [5] NE KVNDE RÉDEN GÉRT HJU SKOLDE GÁW TO BITTA. BIFARA SÉKROPS WODIN WRDE ÀND OVER BIGVNDE. departure, with all her floating and movable assets, and her followers the same. The wisest of the burg lords, who saw very well that they could not hold the burg, advised Geart to quickly accept the offer, before Seakrops became furious and started all over.
THRÉ MONATHA ÀFTER BRÛDE GÉRT HINNE MITH THA ALDERBESTE FRYAS­BERN ÀND [10] SJUGUN WARA TWILF SKYPUN. THÁ HJA EN STÛT BUTA THÉRE HAVE WÉRON KÉMON THÉR WEL THRITICH SKÉPUN FON THÍRHIS MITH WIF ÀND BERN. HJA WILDE NÉI ATHENJA GÁ. THA AS HJA [15] HÉRDON HO.T THÉR ESKÉPEN STANDE GVNGON HJA MITH GÉRT. THI WÉT.KING THÉRA THÍRJAR BROCH ALGADUR THRUCH THA STRÉTE THÉR VNDER THISSE TIDA VPPA THA RÁDE SÉ UT HLIP. [20] ET LESTE LÁNDON HJA ET PAN'G.AB THAT IS IN VSA SPRÉKE. FIF WÉTERUM. VMBE THAT FIF RINSTRÁMA MITH HIRI NÉI THA SÉ TO STRÁMA. HÍR SETON HJA HJARA SELVA NITHAR. THÀT LÁND HÀVON [25] HJA GÉRT.MANJA HÉTON. Three months later, Geart evacuated with the most supreme Children of Frya and seven times twelve ships. Some time after they had left the harbor, no less than thirty ships approached from Tyre, with women and children, on their way to Athenia. When they heard how things stood there, however, they joined Geart. The sea king of the Tyrians guided the whole fleet through the strait, which at those times ran into the Red Sea. At last they landed at 'Panj-ab',(4) which is in our language ‘five-waters’, because five rivers flow into the sea there as one. Here they settled, naming the land ‘Geartmania’.
THENE KÉNING FON THÍRHIS ÀFTERNÉI SJANDE THAT SIN ALDERBESTA STJÛRAR WÉI BRIT WÉREN. SAND AL SIN SKIPA MITH SINA WILDE SALT.ÁTHA VMBER DÁD JEFTA [30] LÉVAND TO FÁTANE. MEN AS HJÀ BY THÉRE STRÉTE KÉM BÉVADON BÉDE. SÉ ÀND JRTHA. FORTH HÉF JRTHA HJRA LIF THÉR The king of Tyre, who later realized that all of his best steersmen had left, sent all his ships with his wild mercenaries to capture them dead or alive, but when they approached the strait, both Sea and Earth quaked. Then Earth heaved up there,

(4) ‘Panj-ab’ (PAN'G.AB) – Persian: panj (five), āb (water); this is the river Indus not to be confused with the region Punjab, which is much more upstream (northwards).

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