VPPA. [1] SÁ HÁG THAT AL ET WÉTER TO THÉRE STRÉTE UT HLIP. ÀND THAT ALLE WATA ÀND SKORRA LIK EN BURCH.WAL TO FÁRA HJAM VP RÉSON. THAT SKÉDE [5] OVER THA GÉRT.MANA HJARA DÜGDA LIK AS ALLERA MANNALIK HEL ÀND KLÁR MÉI SJA. so high that all the water ran out of the strait, and all mudflats and shores rose up in front of them like a burg wall. This happened because of the virtues of the Geartmen, as any one can see brightly and clearly.

[10. On the Eastern Wall of Fryasburg]
[10a. Ulysus’ Quest for a Lamp, ca. 1190 BCE]
AN THA JÉRA 1000 [THÛSOND] ÀND 5 [FIF] NÉI ÁLDLAND SVNKEN IS IS THIT VPPINA ÁSTERWACH IT FRYA.S [10] BURCH WRITEN. In the year one thousand and five after Aldland sank, this was inscribed on the eastern wall of Fryasburg.
NÉI THÀT WI IN TWILIF JÉR TID NÉN KRÉKALÁNDAR TO ÁLMAN.LÁND SJAN HÉDE KÉMON THÉR THRJU SKÉPA SA SÍRLIK AS WI NÉN HÉDON ÀND TOFÁRA NIMMER NÉDE SJAN. [15] VPPET STOROSTE THÉRA. WÉRE.N KÉNING THÉRA JHONHIS É.LÁNDUM. SIN NÔME WÉRE ÛLYSUS ÀND THA HROP OVIR SIN WISDOM GRÁT. THIS KÉNING WAS THRVCH ÉNE PRESTERESSE FAR.SÉID THAT ER KÉNING [20] WERTHA SKOLDE OVIR ALLA KRÉKA.LÁNDA SA.R RÉD WISTE VMBE.N FODDIK TO KRÉJANDE THÉR VPSTÉKEN WAS ANDA FODDIK IT TEX.LÁND. VMBER TO FENSANE HÉDER FÉLO SKÀTA MITH BROCHT. BOPPA [25] ELLA. FÁMNE SÍRHÉDUM. ALSA THÉR IN VR.ALDA NAVT SKÉNENER MÁKAD WRDE. HIA KÉMON FON TROJA EN STEDE THAM THA KRÉKALANDAR INNIMTH HÉDON. AL THISSA SKÀTA BÁD HI THA MODER AN. [30] MEN THJU MODER NILDE NÁRNE FON NÉTA. After we had not seen any Greek at Almanland for twelve years, three ships arrived that were more elegant than any that we had ourselves or had ever seen before. On the largest of them was a king of Jon's Islands. His name was Ulysus and his wisdom was of great repute.(1) This king was foretold by a priestess to become king over all of the Greeklands if he managed to get a lamp that was lighted at the one of Texland. To obtain this, he had brought great treasures, above all jewelry for maidens, more beautiful than that made anywhere else in the world; they were from Troy, a city that the Greeks had conquered. All these treasures were offered to the mother, but she did not want to hear a word about it.
AS ER TO LESTA SA. THAT HJU NAVT TO WINNE WÉRE. GVNG ER NÉI WALHALLAGARA. When he finally saw that she could not be persuaded, he went to Walhallagara.

(1) ‘Ulysus’ (ÛLYSUS) — Ulysses is the later Latin name for the Greek hero Odysseus, but the Latin authors may have this term from an older, different source.

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