[1] WISTE HÉDER VS TO STONDEN. THAT WI MACHTE LÉVA NÉI VS AJN É.LIK.­SÉZA.BOK. THÉR GVNG EN TELLING. THAT ER VS NYGEN WÉRE. VMBE THAT ER TJUCHT WÉSA SKOLDE UT EN [5] FRYASKE MAN'GÉRTE ÀND EN ÉGIPTISKA PRESTER UTHAWEDE THAT ER BLÁWE ÁGA HÉDE ÀND THAT ER FÛL MAN'­GÉRTA FON VS SKÁKTH WÉRON ÀND INOVIR ÉGIPTA.LANDE VRSELLATH. THA SELVA HETER THAT [10] NIMMERTE JECHT. HOT THÉRMÉI SY. SÉKUR IST THAT ER VS MÁRA ÁTHSKIP BIWÉS AS ALLE ÔTHERA PRESTUM TO SÉMNE. he allowed us to live according to our own book of jurisdiction. There was a rumor that he was favorable to us because he was believed to be the son of a Frya girl and an Egyptian priest, as he had blue eyes and many of our girls were kidnapped to be sold in the Egyptian lands. He has never confirmed this, though. Whatever the case, he certainly proved to be a better ally than all the other priests together.
MEN ASER FALLEN WAS GVNGON SINA NÉIMANNINGA ALRING AN VSA ÉWA TORENA ÀND [15] BI GRÁDUM SÁ FÉLO MISLIKANDA KÉRA TO MAKJANDE THAT ER TO LÔNGE LESTA FON ÉLIK SA ÀND FON FRYDOM HA NAVT ÔWERS AS THA SKIN ÀND THA NÔME VR BILÉF. FORTH NILDON HJA NAVT NE DÁJA [20] THATA SETMA AN SKRIFT BROCHT WRDE HWERTHRVCH THA WITSKIP THÉRA FAR VS FOR BORGEN WÀRTH. TO FÁRA WRDON ALLE SÉKUM BINN ÁTHÉNJA IN VSA TÁL BITHONGON ÁFTERNÉI MOSTET IN BÉDE TÁLA SKÉN [25] ÀND TO LESTA ALLÉNA INTHA LANDIS TAL. IN THA ÉROSTA JÉRA NAM THAT MANFOLK TO ÁTHÉNJA ENKEL WIVA FON VS AJN SLACHT MEN THAT JONGKFOLK VPWOXEN MITHA MAN'GÉRTA THÉR LÁNDSATON [30] NAMON THÉR ÁK FON. Soon after he had fallen, however, his successors started meddling with our laws, and gradually made so many unfit resolutions that, at long last, nothing remained of being equal and having freedom but the illusion and the words. They also would not permit that regulations were recorded in writing, so that the knowledge thereof was hidden from us. Formerly, all cases in Athenia were pleaded in our language, but afterwards it had to be in both languages, and at last in the native language only. In the first years, the Athenian men only took wives of our own race, but as the young men grew up with the native girls, they also took from them.
THA BÁSTERA BERN THAM THÉROF KÉMON WÉRON THA SKÉNSTA ÀND SNODSTA IN The debased children that came from this were the prettiest and cleverest in the world,

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