[1] WR.ALDA MEN HJA WÉRON ÁK THA ÀRGSTA. TO HINKANDE VR BYDE SÍDA. TO MÁLANDE HER VM SÉDA NER VM PLÉGA HIT NE SY THAT ET WÉRE FOR HJARA AJNE HELD. [5] ALSA NÁKA THÉR JETA.N STRÉL FON FRYA.S GÁST WELDANDE WÉRE WÀRTH AL ET BVW.SPUL TO MÉNA WERKA FORWROCHTEN ÀND NIMMÀN NE MACHT EN HUS TO BVWANDE THÀT RUMER ÀND RIKKER [10] WÉRE AS THÀT SINRA NÉSTUM. THA THÁ SVME VRBASTERE STÉDJAR RIK WÉRON THRVCH VS FÁRA ÀND THRVCH ET SULVER THÀT THA SLÁVONA UTA SULVER.­LÔNA WNNON THÁ GVNGON HJA BUTA VPPA [15] HELLINGA JEFTA INDA DÉLA HÉMA. but they were also the worst, wavering between both sides, not caring about morals or traditions, except when they could benefit from them. As long as there was still a touch of Frya's spirit prevailing, all building materials were used for common projects, and no one could build a house larger and more luxurious than that of his neighbors. As some bastardized townsmen had been enriched by our seafaring and by the silver that their slaves gathered in the silver mines, they went to live out on the hills or in the valleys.
THÉR BEFTHA HÁGA WALLUM FON LÁF THA FON STÉN BVWADON HJA HOVA MITH KESTLIK HUSARK. ÀND VMBE BY THA WLA PRESTRUM INEN GODA HROP TO WÉSANDE [20] STÀLDON HJA THÉR FALSKA DROCHTEN LIKANDA ÀND VNTUCHTIGA BILDA IN. BY THA WLA PRESTRUM ÀND FORSTUM WRDON THA KNÁPA ALTOMET MÁRA GÉRT AS THA TOGHATERA. AND FAKEN [25] THRVCH RIKA JEFTA THA THRVCH WELD FON ET PAD THÉRE DÜGED OF HLÉID. NÉIDAM RIKDOM BY THÀT VRBRÛDE ÀND VRBASTERDE SLACHT FÉR BOPPA DÜGED ÀND ÉRE JELDE. SACH MÀN AL [30] TOMET KNÁPA THAM HJARA SELVA MITH RUMA RIKA KLÁTAR SÍRADON. HJARA ALDRUM ÀND FAMNA TO SKÔNDA ÀND There, behind high walls of leaf or stone, they built richly furnished mansions, and in order to be in high esteem with the vile priests, they placed statues there that resembled false gods and were unchaste. The boys were sometimes more desired than the daughters by the vile priests and princes, and they were often led astray from the path of virtue by riches or force. Because wealth was much more important to this spoiled and bastardized breed than virtue and honor, one sometimes saw young men who adorned themselves with flamboyant clothes, shaming their parents and the maidens, and

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