[1] HJARA KUNNA TO SPOT. KÉMON VSA ÉNFALDA ALDERA TO ÁTHÉNJA VPPE THÉRE MÉNA ACHT ÀND WILDON HJA THÉRVR BÁRE SÁ WARTH THER HROPEN HARK. HARK THÉR [5] SKIL EN SÉ.MOMMA KÉTHA. mocking their own sex. If our modest elders came to the general assembly at Athena to complain about that, people cried: Hear! Hear! A sea hag is going to speak!
ALSA IS ÁTHÉNJA WRDON É.LIK EN BROKLAND ANDA HÉTE LANDA. FOL BLODSÛGAR POGGA ÀND FENINIGA SNÁKA. HWÉR IN NÉN MÀNNISK FON HERDE SÉDUM SIN [10] FOT NAVT WÁGA NE MÉI. So Athena has become like a swamp in the hot lands, full of leeches, toads and poisonous snakes, where no decent man would dare to go.

[11. Written on all Burgs]
[11a. Denmarks Lost, ca. 590 BCE?]
THIT STAT IN AL VSA BURGA. This is written on all our burgs:
HO VSA DÉNA MARKA FÁRA VS VRLÉREN GVNGON. 1600 [SEXTIAN.HVNDRED] ÀND 2 [TWA] JÉR NÉI ALDLAND VRGVNGON IS. How we lost our Denmarks, sixteen hundred and two years after Aldland perished.
THRVCH WODIN.S [15] DOR ÀND DERTENHÉD WAS THENE MÁGÍ BÁS WRDEN OVIR SKÉNLANDIS ASTAR DÉL. WRA BERGA ÀND WRN SÉ NE THVRADE HI NAVT NE KVMA. THJU MODER NILDET NAVT WÉR.HA. HJA SPREK ÀNDE KÉTH IK SJA [20] NÉN FRÉSE AN SINA WÉPNE MEN WEL VMBE THA SKÉNLANDER WÉR TO NIMMANDE THRVCHDAM HJA BASTERED ÀND VRDÉREN SIND. VPPA MÉNA ACHT TOCHTE MÀN AL ÉN. THÉRVMBE IST IM LÉTEN. As a result of Wodin's foolishness, the magus had mastered eastern Skeanland, but he dared not cross the mountains or sea. The mother did not want it back. She declared: ‘I see no danger in his weapons, but rather in taking the Skeanlanders back, as they have mixed and become corrupted.’ The assembly agreed and so it was left to him.
[25] GRÁT 100 [HVNDRED] JÉR LÉDEN BIJONDON THA DÉNE MARKAR TO WANDELJA MITH HJAM. HJA JEVON HJAM ÍSERE WÉPNE AND RÉDSKIP THÉR FORI WANDELDON HJA GOLDEN SÍRHÉDON BIJUNKA KÁPER ÀND ÍSER JRTHA. THJU MODER [30] SAND BODON ÀND RÉD ER HJA SKOLDE THJU WANDEL FÁRA LÉTA. THÉR WÉRE FRÉSE SÉIDE HJU FORI HJARA SÉDUM More than a hundred years earlier, the Danes had started trading with them. They gave them iron weapons and tools in exchange for golden ornaments, copper and iron ore. The mother sent messengers with the advice to cease this trade. She said to fear for their morals,

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