[1] ÀND BITHAM HJA HJARA SÉDE VRLÉREN THÀN SKOLDE HJA ÁK HJARA FRYDON VRLJASA. and that if they would lose them, they would lose their freedom too.
MEN THA DÉNEMARKAR NÉDE NARNE ÁRA NÉI. HJA NILDE NAVT BIGRIPPA THAT [5] HJARA SÉDE VRBRÛDE KOSTE THÉRVMBE NE MELDON HJA HJA NAVT. TO LÔNGA LESTA BROCHTON HJA HJARA AJNE WÉPNE ÀND LIFTOCHTA WÉI. MEN THAT KWÁD WROCHT HJARA GÉJA. HJARA LICHÉMA [10] WRDON BILÁDEN MITH BLIK ÀND SKIN MEN HJARA ARKA SPYNTON ÀND SKVRA WRDON LÉTOCH. But the Danes did not listen. They did not want to understand that their morality could be wasted, so they simply ignored her advice. Eventually, they even sold their own weapons and food stores, and that evil created its own penalty. Their bodies were nicely decorated, but their warehouses were empty.
KREK HONDRED JÉR EFTERE DÉI THAT ET FORMA SKIP MITH LIFTOCHTA FONA KÁD FÁREN WAS. KÉM [15] ERMODE ÀND LOK THRVCH THA ANDERNA BINNA. HONGER SPRÉDE SINA WJVKA AND STRÉK VPPET LAND DEL. TWI­SPALT HLIP STOLTE INOVERE STRÉTA ÀND FORTH TO THA HÛSA IN. LJAFDE NE KV NÉN [20] STEK LÔNGER NAVT FINDA ÀND ÉNDRACHT RUN ÉWÉI. THAT BERN WILDE ÉTA FON SINA MÀM ÀND THJU MÀM HÉDE WEL SÍRHÉDON THA NÉN ÉTA. THA WIVA KÉMON TO HJARA MANNA. THISSA [25] GVNGON NÉI THA GRÉVA THA GRÉVA NÉDON SELVA NAWET OF HILDONT SKUL. NW MOST MÀN THA SYRHÉDON VRSELLA. MEN THAHWILA THA STJURAR THÉR MÉI WÉIBRIT WÉRON KÉM FROST [30] ÀND LÉI.N PLÔNK DEL VPPA SÉ. ÀND WRA STRÉTE. THÁ FROST THJU BRIGGE RÉD HÉDE STOP WÁKANDON THÉR Just a hundred years after the day that the first ship with provisions had left, poverty and deprivation entered through the windows. Hunger spread its wings and landed. Discord marched loudly through the streets and into the houses. Love became homeless and unity deserted. The children wanted food but their mothers had only jewellery. Wives begged their husbands, who in turn begged the aldermen. But the aldermen had nothing themselves or kept what they did have hidden. Then the ornaments had to be sold, but while the steersmen were on their way, frost came and paved the sea and strait. When this bridge of ice was complete, vigilance used it

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