[1] WR TO.T LAND UT ÀND VRÉD KLÍWADE VPPER SÉTEL. to leave the land, and treason took its throne.
IN STÉDE FON THA OWERA TO BIWÁKANDE SPANDON HJA HJARA HORSA FAR HJARA TOGUM ÀND RUNON NÉI SKÉNLAND [5] THÁ. THA SKÉNLANDER THAM NÉY WÉRON NÉI THAT LAND HJARAR ÉTHLA KÉMON NÉI THA DÉNE MARKUM. VPPEN HELLE NACHT KÉMON HJA ALLA. NW SÉIDON HJA THAT HJA RJUCHT HÉDE VPPET LÁND [10] HJARAR ÉTHLON ÀND THAHWIL THAT MÀN THÉRVR KÀMPADE KÉMON THA FINNA IN THA LÉTOGA THORPA ÀND RUNADON MITH THA BERN EWÉI. THÉRTRVCH ÀND THAT HJA NÉN GODA WÉPNE NAVT NÉDON DÉD [15] HJAM THA KÀSE VRLJASA ÀND THÉRMÉI HJARI FRYDOM HWAND THENE MAGÍ WRDE BÁS. THAT KÉM THAT HJA FRYAS TEX NAVT NE LÉSDE ÀND HJRA RÉDJÉVINGA WARLÁSD HÉDE. Instead of guarding the shores, they hitched the horses to their sleighs and drove to Skeanland. The Skeanlanders, eager to see their ancestral land, came to the Denmarks. On a bright night they all came. They claimed to have a right to their ancestral land and during the conflict which arose from this claim, Finns sneaked into the villages and kidnapped the children. This and the lack of good weapons caused them to lose their attempt to fight off this raid as well as their own freedom, since the magus became their master. This was the consequence of not reading Frya's Tex and ignoring her advice.
[20] THER SEND SVME THÉR MÉNE THAT HJA THRVCH THA GRÉVA VRRÉDEN SEND. THAT THA FÁMNA THAT LÔNG SPÉRATH HÉDON. THA SA HVAM SA THÉR VR KÉTHA WILDE THAMIS MVLA WRDON TO SNÔRATH [25] MITH GOLDEN KÉDNE. WI NE MÜGUN THÉRVR NÉN ORDÉL TO FELLANDE MEN WI WILLATH JO TOHROPA. NE LÉN NAVT TO SÉRE VPPA WISDOM ÀND DÜGED. NI FON JVWA FORSTA NI FON JVWA FÁMNA. [30] HWAND SKELET HALDA SÁ MOT ALLERA MANNALIK WÁKA OVIR SIN AJNA TOCHTA. ÀND FORIT MÉNA HELD. Some believe they had been betrayed by the aldermen and that the maidens had known about this long before, but that any mouth that wanted to speak about it was silenced with a lock of gold. We do not know if that is true, but, nevertheless, we say this loud and clear: do not depend too much on the wisdom and virtue of your nobles and maidens, because we are all responsible for upholding ourselves and the common good.

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