[11b. Death of Frana]
[1] TWA JÉR NÉIDAM KÉM THENE MÁGÍ SELVA MITH EN FLÁTE FON LICHTE KÁNUM THA MODER FON TEX.LAND ÀND THA FODDIK TO RÁWANA. Two years later, the magus came with a fleet of light boats, to kidnap the Mother from Texland (Frana), and steal the lamp.
THÁS ÀRGE SÉKE BISTONDER THES NACHTIS [5] ANDA WINTER BY STORNE TÍDUM AS WIND GÛLDE ÀND HÉJEL TOJENST THA ANDÉRNA FÉTERE. THI UTKIK THÉR MÉNDE THATER AWET HÉRDE STÀK SIN BALLE VP. THA DRÉI ASET LJUCHT FONÉR TORE VPPET ROND.DÉL [10] DEL FALDE SA.R THAT AL FÉLO WÉPENDE MANNA WRA BURCHWAL WÉRON. NW GVNGER TO VMBE THA KLOKKE TO LETTANE. THA ET WÉRE TO LÉT. ÉR THA WÉRE RÉD WÉRE WÉRON AL TWA THUSAND INA WÉR VMBE [15] THA PORTE TO RAMMANDE STRID HWÍLDE THÉRVMBE KIRT HWAND THRVCHDAM THA WÉRE NAVT NÉN GODE WACHT HALDEN NÉDEN KÉMON ALLE OM. He viciously attacked during a dark and stormy winter night, while the fierce wind roared and heavy hail lashed the windows. The watchman thought he heard something and lit his searchlight, but when it illuminated the surrounding area, he saw that many armed men had already climbed over the burg wall. He hurried to ring the bell, but it was too late. Before the defense was ready, two thousand of them were already smashing the gate. The battle was short, for the guards had not been prepared and they all fell in action.
HWIL THAT ALREK DROK TO KÀMPANE WÉRE [20] WAS THÉR EN WLA FIN TO THÉRE FLÉTE JEFTHA BEDRUM FON THÉRE MODER IN'GLUPTH. AND WILDE HJA NÉDGJA. THA THJU MODER WÉRDIM OF THAT ER BEKWÁRD TOJÉNST THA WÁCH STRUMPELDE. THÁ.R WITHER VPA [25] BÉN WÉRE STEKER SIN SWÉRD TO IR BUK IN. SEZANDE. NILST MIN KUL NAVT SÁ SKILST MIN SWÉRD HÁ. AFTER IM KÉM EN SKIPER FONA DÉNEMARKA. THISSE NAM SIN SWÉRD ÀND HIF THENE [30] FIN THRVCH SINA HOLE. THÉRUT FLÁT SWART BLOD ÀND THÉRVR SWÉFDE.N BLÁWE LOGHA. In the midst of the fighting, a vile Finn had sneaked into the mother's bedroom, wanting to defile her. But the mother resisted and threw him against the wall. He stood up again and drove his sword into her belly, saying: ‘If you refuse me, you will have my sword.’ A Danish skipper came to her rescue. He took his sword and split the Finn's head. The blood that ran out of it was black and produced a blue flame.
THI MÁGÍ LÉT THJU MODER VPA The magus had the mother

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