[1] SINRA SKIP FORPLÉGJA. AS HJU NW WITHER ALSA FÉRE HÉL ÀND BÉTER WÉR THAT HJU FÀST SPRÉKA MACHTE SÉIDE THENE MÁGÍ THAT HJU MITH FARA MOSTE. THA THAT HJU HJRA FODDIK [5] AND FÁMNA HALDA SKOLDE. THAT HJU EN STÁT SKOLDE NÍTA SÁ HÁCH AS HJU TOFARA NA NÉDE KENTH. FORTH SÉIDER THAT HI HJRI FRÉJA SKOLDE IN AJNWARDE FON SINUM FORSTA. JEF ER MÁSTER SKOLDE WERTHA OVER ALLE LÁNDA ÀND [10] FOLKRA FRYA.S. HI SÉIDE THAT HJU THAT BIJÁE ÀND BIJECHTA MOST. OWERS SKOLDER VNDER FÉLO WÉJA STERVA LÉTA. AS ER THÉR AFTER AL SINRA FORSTA OM JRA LÉGER TO.GADURAD HÉDE FRÉJER LÛD. FRÁNA VRMITES I KLÁR.SJANDE [15] BISTE MOST M.ÉNIS SEZA OF IK MÁSTER SKIL WERTHA OVER ALLE LANDA ÀND FOLKRA FRYA.S. nursed on his ship. When she was well enough to speak again, the magus told her he was taking her with him but she could keep her maidens and the lamp. She would enjoy greater prestige than ever before. He said he would ask her in the presence of his chieftains if he should become master over all Frya's lands and folks, and that she would have to approve and affirm that if she did not want to be tortured to death. He then gathered all his chieftains around her bed and asked ceremoniously: ‘Frana, since you are clairvoyant, tell me if I shall be master of all Frya's lands and nations!’
FRANA DÉDE AS MELDE HJU HIM NAVT. TO LÔNGA LESTA ÉPENDE HJU HJRA WÉRA ÀNDE KÉTH. MIN ÁGUN WRDE THJÛSTRED. [20] THA THAT ÔRE LJUCHT DÉGTH VP IN MINARA SÉLE. JES IK SJA.T. HARK JRTHA ÀND WÉS BLÍDE MITH MY. At first Frana ignored him, but finally she opened her lips and spoke: ‘My eyes are blurred, but the inner light of my soul emerges... Yes, I can see... Hear Earth, and rejoice with me!
VNDERA TÍDUM THAT ALDLAND SVNKEN IS. STAND THJU FORMA SPÉKE FON THET JOL AN TOP. THÉRNÉI IS HJU [25] DEL GVNGON ÀND VSA FRYDOM MITH THAM. AS ER TWA SPÉKE JEFTHA 2000 [TWA.THÛSEND] JÉR DEL TRÛLED HET. SÁ SKILUN THA SVNA VPSTONDA THER THA FORSTA ÀND PRESTERA THRVCH HORDOM BIT FOLK TÉLED HÀVE. ÀND TOJENST HJARA [30] TÁTA TJUGHA. THI ALLE SKILUN THRVCH MORT SWIKA. MEN HWAT HJA KÉTH HÀVE SKIL FORTH BILÍWA AND FRÜCHDBER WERTHA When Aldland drowned, the first spoke of the Yule wheel stood at the top. Then it went down and so did our freedom. When two more spokes or two thousand years have passed, however, the sons who are born out of fornication between princes and priests and the folk will stand up and speak out against their fathers. These sons will all be murdered. But what they shall have said will be remembered and bear fruit

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