IN.A [1] BOSMA THÉRA KLOKE MÀNNISKA. ALSA LIK GODE SÉDUM THÉR DEL LÉID WRDE IN THINRA SKÁT. in the hearts of resolute people, like good seeds that were laid in your soil.
JETA THÛSEND JÉR SKIL THJU SPÉKE THEN DEL NÍGA ÀND AL MARA SÍGA ANDA [5] THJUSTERNESSE ÀND IN BLOD. OVIR THI UTSTIRTH THRVCH THA LÁGA THÉR FORSTA ÀND PRESTERA. THÉRNÉI SKIL THET MORNERÁD WITHER ANFANGA TO GLORA. THIT SJANDE SKILUN THA FALSKA FORSTA ÀND PRESTER [10] ALSAMEN WITH FRYDOM KÀMPA ÀND WOXELJA. MEN FRYDOM. LJAFDE ÀND ÉNDRACHT SKILET FOLK IN HJARA WÁCH NÉMA ÀND MITH THET JOL RISA UTA WLA POL. THÀT LJÛCHT THAT EROST ALLÉNA [15] GLORADE SKIL THAN FON LÉJAR LAJA TO.N LOGHA WERTHA. THAT BLOD THÉRA ÀRGUM SKIL OVIR THIN LIF STRÁMA MEN THV NE MÜGTH ET NAVT TO THI NÉMA. TO THA LESTA SKIL THAT FENINIGE [20] KWIK THÉR VP ÁSA ÀND THÉROF STERVA. ALLE WLA SKÉDNESE THAM FORSUNNEN SEND VMBE THA FORSTA AND PRESTERA TO BOGA SKILUN AN LOGHA OFRED WERTHA. FORTH SKILUN AL THINRA BERN MITH FRÉTHO [25] LÉVA. THÁ HJU UTSPRÉKEN HÉDE SÉG HJU DEL. Another thousand years the spoke shall descend and ever more sink into darkness and blood, shed over you when princes and priests deceive. But then the red of dawn will start glowing again. Seeing that, the false princes and priests will join forces to keep freedom down. But freedom, love and unity will strengthen the folk and rise out of the gutter with the wheel of time. The light that started as a glimmer, will eventually turn into a flame. Blood of the villains will flow over you, O Earth, but you must not absorb it. Toxic creatures will drink it and perish. All vile histories that were made up to propagate the princes and priests will be offered to the flames. Finally, your children shall all live in peace.’ When she had spoken, she collapsed.
MEN THENE MÁGY THAM HJA NAVT WEL FORSTÁN HÉDE. KRÉTH. IK HÀV THI FRÉJETH JEFTH IK BÁS SKILDE WERTHA OVIR ALLE LÁNDA ÀND FOLKRA FRYAS ÀND NW HÀSTE TO EN [30] OTHER SPROKEN. FRÁNA RJUCHTE HJRI WITHER SACH IM STAR AN ÀND KÉTHE. ÉR SJUGUN ETMELDE OM SEND. SKIL The magus had not understood her well and cried: ‘I asked you, if I shall master all Frya's lands and nations, but you spoke to someone else!’ Frana straightened up, stared at him and spoke: ‘Within one week,

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