[1] THIN SÉLE MITHA NACHTFÜGLUN TO THA GRÁWA OMMEWÁRA ÀND THIN LIK SKIL LEDSA VPPA BODEM FONA SÉ. ÉL WEL SÉIDE THENE MÁGÍ MITH VR­BORG­NE WODIN. SEZ MEN THAT IK KVME. [5] FORTH SÉIDER TOJENST ÉN SINAR RAKKARUM WERP THAT WIF VR SKIPPES BORD. your soul shall wander about graves with the night birds, and your corpse will lie on the bottom of the sea.’ ‘Very well,’ said the magus, hiding his rage, ‘tell them I am coming.’ And to one of his men: ‘Throw that woman overboard.’
ALTHUS WÉRET ENDE FONRE LESTE THÉRA MODERUM. That was the end of the last Mother.
WRÉKE WILLATH WI THÉR VR NAVT NE HROPA THAM SKIL TÍD NIMA. MEN [10] THÛSAND WÁRA THÛSAND MÉL WILLATH WY FRYA AFTERNÉI HROPA WÁK. WÁK. WÁK. We do not ask for revenge, as time will provide that, but we cannot repeat Frya's cry enough: ‘Watch! Watch! Watch!’

[11c. Death of the Magus]
HO.T THENE MÁGÍ FORTH VRGVNGON IS. What happened to the magus:
NÉI THAT THA MODER VRDÉN WAS. LÉTER THA FODDIK ÀND THA FÁMNA [15] TO SINA SKIP TOBRENGA BIJUNKA ALLE INBOLD THÉR IM LIKTE. FORTH GVNGER THAT FLÍMÁR VP HWAND HI WILDE THA FÁM FON MÉDÉA.S.BLIK JEFTHA FON STÁVORA GABJA ÀND THAM TO MODER MÁKJA. THA [20] THÉR WÉRON HJA VP HJARA HODUM BROCHT. THA STJURAR FON STAVORA ÀND FON THÀT ALDERGA HÉDON HINI GÉRN TO JONIS TOGEN MEN THA GRÁTE FLÁTE WÉRE VPPEN FÉRE TOCHT ÛT. NW GVNGON HJA TO [25] ÀND FORON MITH HJRA LITTIGE FLÁTE NÉI MÉDÉA.S.BLIK ÀND HILDON HJA SKUL AFTER THÀT LY THÉRA BÁMUN. After the mother was killed, he had the lamp and the maidens brought to his ship, as well as all the spoils of his liking. Then he sailed towards the Flee Lake as he wanted to abduct the burg maiden of Medeasblik or Staveren to install her as mother. However, they had been warned. The steersmen of Staveren and Alderga were eager to confront him, but the great fleet was out on a distant voyage. Now they went and sailed with a small fleet to Medeasblik where they hid behind trees.
THI MÁGÍ NÁKADE MÉDÉA.S.BLIK BI HELLE DÉI AND SKÍNANDER SVNNE THACH GVNGON [30] SINA LJUDA DRÍST WÉI VPPERE BURCH TO RUNANDE. MEN AS ALLET FOLK MITH THA BÔTUM LAND WAS. KÉMON VSA STJURAR The magus reached Medeasblik on a clear, sunlit day, which did not keep his men from boldly storming the burg. But when all his boats had landed, our steersmen came

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